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Pacific Land Trust

 Pacifica Land Trust, Restoration, G13-04-62-R01
The following are my comments for the OHV Restoration Grant request by the Pacifica Land Trust.
The land in this grant request was private property when the Pacifica Motorcycle Association (PMA) rented/leased it.  OHV recreation on the property was an accepted use of the property.  The best that I’ve been able to find is that the PMA lost the use of the land in the mid 80’s and OHV use was not allowed after that.  Whoever purchased the land after that should have known the condition of the land and taken responsibility of the land.  Any erosion should be the responsibility of the land owner. 
  OHV Grant money should not be used for restoration of private property where OHV recreation was an accepted use of the property.
Thank you for considering my comments. Bruce Brazil, CORVA - 4/6/14

 I support the Pacifica Land Trust's preliminary application to restore the OHV damage on the Pedro Point Headlands in Pacifica (Project Type G13-04-62-R01).
This site was heavily used by motorcylists over many years, creating deeply eroded gullies. While OHV use has diminished recently since the Land Trust has been managing the property, there is still occasional use by motorcylists, which I assume can be documented with police reports or other records kept by the land stewards.
I believe that photographs and reports can be supplied with the grant application that will document the still existing long-term OHV damage. Current and ongoing impacts include sediment erosion into San Pedro Creek (steelhead and frog habitat) as well as several land slides, at least one of which resulted in a debris flow onto State Highway 1 in 2011, just north of the new Devil's Slide tunnel. With the increased vehicular, pedestrian and bicycle traffic in the area since the opening of the Devil's Slide Trail, instability and slides remain a big safety concern and could cause more road closures.
The project site is immediately adjacent to the multi-use Devil's Slide Trail and is expected to provide a critical link to the California Coastal Trail, which makes restoration of the site imperative.
Thank you for your consideration. Dinah Verby - 4/7/14