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California Trails Users Coalition (CTUC)

 I am writing to support the Ground Operations on the Sierra National Forest (G13-04-06-G01). The grant request by CTUC and the Stewards of the Sierra National Forest has provided excellent trail maintenance within the Sierra National forest. Michael Damaso, President, Merced Dirt Riders 4/6/14

 I would like to comment on OHMVR grants on behalf of the California Off-Road Vehicle Association.
CTUC Ground Operations, this is a good grant should be funded as fully as possible to help opportunity in the Sequoya NF. Ed Stovin - 4/6/14

 I'd like to provide comments in support of this application.
I know this group of volunteers and I've ridden that trails they maintain.  They do excellent work and all they're asking for is some tools.  Their hourly rate is what is allowed for volunteers. Most workers would not accept such a low wage nowadays. By the time all the payroll expenses are deducted you simply cannot hire anyone for this rate.
Other groups such as the Center for Sierra Nevada Conservancy request big dollar salaries for their coordinators, up to $300 per day.  Maybe this group should have a "coordinator" position that is awarded similar funding?  It takes considerable time and effort not to mention skill to coordinate projects and manage volunteers.
This request seems very modest for the work being done. Bruce Whitcher, CCMA - 4/6/14