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City of Tahachapi

 I would like to comment on OHMVR grants on behalf of the California Off-Road Vehicle Association. City of Tehachapi MX track  I love motocross and applaud Tehachapi for moving forward with this project, but $1M is a huge amount of money for a motocross track.  You might want to consider cutting some corners along the way to get this going.  ie, use a trailer for an office, a steel cargo container for storage, Artificial grass for a picnic area, graded dirt road with gravel on top etc  Will green/red stickers be required at the gate to get into this track?  This is not mentioned in the text.  That is what funds these grants.   If the city owns the land and is developing the project, I believe it can get started for significantly less money.  If it becomes a success, then invest in improvements down the road.  This is a relatively small town (pop 15,000).  How many motocross riders live there?   I wish you the best of luck with the facility, I just encourage you to bring it to operation for a more reasonable amount of money. Ed Stovin - 4/6/14