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USFS - Inyo NF - Patrol District

 INF Patrol District General Application Requirements
•  No comment
INF Law Enforcement:  G13-02-39-L01
•  In the County Section, Tulare County should be checked as the Monache Meadow area is in Tulare County.
•  We support INF's request for an FPO based in Monache with some reservations.  What is really needed is a Forest Service Recreation person, not a cop.  The actions/duties of the last INF on-site person bears this out.  The Grant portion associated with the Monache area should be more of a 20%/80%, Law Enforcement/Operations split. 
•  The protection of the "Monache Dunes" in the Southern Zone, as stated in the Grant application, is not the issue and is only a minimal problem.  However, by far the biggest OHV issues/problems in this Zone are Wilderness incursion and OHV riding in a Designated Wild and Scenic River bed.
•  There is a strong need for OHV LE/FPO presents in Monache Meadow area of INF:
     o   Area has become the focal point of major OHV traffic/abuse from the adjacent SNF and their developed OHV opportunities and major trail heads leading into the Monache area of southern INF.
     o   Monache Meadow has become an OHV lawless area as noted in the Grant application with no INF OHV patrol or presence for the past 6 years.
     o   Wilderness incursions into South Sierra Wilderness and Golden Trout Wilderness at four major points of entry points by OHV and non-OHV users.
     o   Unauthorized OHV riding up and down the South Fork of the Kern River (Designated as a Wild and Scenic  River) continues to be a big problem.
     o   It is recommended that the FPO duty request be increased from 150 days to 175 days
•  It is our belief that 150 days not enough to cover shift overlap and/or training.  The Monache area typically is open from Memorial Day (5/25) by SNF to the end of X-10 Deer Hunt (10/12).  This equates to 20 weeks = 140 days.
•  Is the cost growth from the 2012 grant (29%) solely related to the addition of the Monache FPO?  Forest Service should explain.
•  The INF should consider revising this grant and combining it with G13-02-02-G01 on a 20/80 or 25/75, LE/Ground Operations split.
These comments are being submitted as an OHV enthusiast, a SVRA Volunteer OHV Patrolman (Hungry Valley), a Monache trail rider and on behave of the 31+  Property Owners, Cattle Permitees and the many seasonal recreationalists and hunters of the Kern Plateau. Dion Salfen - 3/30/14