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Transition Habitat Conservancy

 I am writing comments on the following grant application:
Transition Habitat Conservancy in conjunction with the BLM Barstow Field Office.  G13-04-75-R01 Restoration 328,809 124,522 453,331

Thank you for all the hard work in the area of the DWMA/ACECs. Your many volunteer hours and dedication to the habitats that support desert and mountain wildlife while providing sustainable and appropriate OHV recreation as well as access to non-motorized recreation (Wildlife appreciation etc).
This grant has clear goals and activities and a well thought out plan.
Many areas where people "stage" to ride their OHVs become totally denuded of vegetation and the area becomes increasingly desolate and large. This grant aims to define and limit the total footprint of the staging areas, thus also limiting the number of OHVs that can recreate at a given time. At first this limitation may seem to limit OHV opportunity, but at the same time it also helps define and  preserves the quality of that opportunity thus making it more sustainable in the long term. This in turn will minimize the damage over the entire sensitive DWMA/ACECs and the grant funds will help riders become more aware of the importance of the desert wildlife and habitat.  These two DWMAs have a combined 1,284,900 acres with a signed open route system. Staging where people drive around in circles causing maximum damage is not appropriate or necessary. That type of activity is provided in the nearby OHV open areas.
In addition, THC has recognized that a piecemeal approach is not productive and that the area needs a coordinated effort with multiple stakeholders in order to be successful. THC has started that process with the BLM, the Friends of Jawbone and several motorcycle clubs as well as a search and rescue group. The grant is also balanced.  Matching funds include THC staff time, volunteer labor and use of THC equipment Application includes BLM staff time, restoration crews and materials for the project that will be installed on the ground and distributed to visitors.
This grant has a lot going for it and I hope that it will be fully funded and I look forward to seeing the resulting reports and the multiple benefits on the ground.
Is it possible to provide the required reports of how the money was spent and the success/failure of grants that are funded with public money on the OHMVR website? We have the opportunity to review and comment on the application, but no such opportunity to find out what happened to all that money. Jenny Wilder - 3/31/14

 I am writing to express my support for the restoration project proposed by Transition Habitat Conservancy (THC).  THC is a strong organization that protects habitat important for the desert tortoise and many other species.  They use a cooperative approach to accomplish goals on a landscape level.  I support their work to limit off-road vehicle impacts through signing, camouflage restoration of closed trails, increased patrols by law enforcement, and fencing of designated staging areas.  It will be very important to monitor tracks and other impacts around these staging areas after they are constructed, to determine if the fencing effectively limits impacts to the intended area.  This information will be critical in planning off-road vehicle management and restoration activities in the future. Mary Kotschwar Logan - 4/4/14