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2014 Commission Meetings

September 25-26 2014 Tour & Meeting (Kings Beach)

NOTE: The address for the September 26, 2014, OHMVR Commission meeting is 8318 North Lake Blvd., Kings Beach, CA.

The King Fire has spread to portions of the Tahoe National Forest. After consulting with the Tahoe National Forest Service Management, we have come to a mutual agreement to cancel the Commission tour scheduled for September 25th. This decision was made based on the critical need for Forest Service staff to dedicate themselves to protecting forest resources as well as our concern for the health and safety of our tour participants. 
We are still planning to conduct the OHMVR Commission meeting on September 26th in Kings Beach, CA.  However, our staff continues to monitor the progress of the fire.  Please check here for further updates regarding the meeting. [UPDATED 9/22/14]
 Notice of Meeting
 Agenda (Note: The Commission Meeting will begin at 8:30 am)

 OHMVR Commission Meeting Minutes - May 2, 2014 - APPROVED
 OHMVR Commission Meeting Transcript - May 2, 2014 - UNAPPROVED

The following links are supporting documents for specific agenda items:
   USFS Update
   BLM Update
   State of Nevada OHV Program
   Deputy Director's Report
CARB Red Sticker Regulation Update
       Budget Update - FY 2014/2015 
       Grants Program Update
       Planning and Acquisition Update
             SVRA General Plans
             Hungry Valley SVRA Proposed Acquisition
             Eastern Kern County Proposed Acquisition
       Outreach Update
       Legislation Update (Updated 9/18/14)
       Law Enforcement/Safety Update
       2015 Calendar - Preview of Potential Commission Meeting Dates

Hungry Valley State Vehicular Recreation Area
Proposed Frazier Park Acquisition

An ad hoc committee of the Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Commission will hold a public hearing on June 25, 2014. [More info ...]

Project Update
A Staff Report is available for the Proposed Frazier Park Acquisition public hearing.
        Download Staff Report [Posted 6/19/14]

May 1-2, 2014 Tour & Meeting (Victorville)

 Notice of Meeting
 Agenda (Note: The Commission Meeting will begin at 8:00 am)

 OHMVR Commission Meeting Minutes - February 28, 2014 - APPROVED

The following links are supporting documents for specific agenda items:


 DRECP Report
 Review of Commission Committees and Memberships
 Eastern Kern County and Frazier Park Acquisitions


BLM Update

USFS Update
      Pacific Crest Trail Report

Deputy Director's Report
 Law Enforcement Update
         Pacific Crest Trail Partnerships and Kiosk Project
 General Program Update
         Clear Creek Management Area
         Grants Program
 California Air Resources Board OHV Update
 Legislation Update [Updated - added AB 2267] (4/24/14)

February 27-28, 2014 Tour & Meeting (Upper Lake)

 Notice of Meeting
 Agenda [Amended 2/14/14]
 OHMVR Commission Meeting Minutes - November 16, 2013 (APPROVED)
        See Note regarding potential effects of bad weather on tour date

OHMVR Commission Meeting Transcript - February 28, 2014 (UNAPPROVED)

The following links are supporting documents for specific agenda items:

Business Items
 Urban Parks Opportunities
 Commission Committees
 2014/15 Proposed Governor's Budget
 Clear Creek Management Area Record of Decision News Release
           Record of Decision & Approved Resource Management Plan [PDF 4.5 MB]

Deputy Director's Report
 Eastern Kern County Acquisition
 SVRA General Plan Update
 Grants Program
 California Air Resources Board OHV Update
 Oceano Dunes District - Grover Beach Lodge Project
 2014 Triennial OHMVR Program Report Distribution
 Legislation: Johnson Valley OHV Area
 Law Enforcement
 Outreach / OHPAL Programs

BLM Update
 Central California District Presentation

USFS Update