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 Dust Education
Applicant has not included the qualifications of the personnel responsible for the creation of the material that would be distributed.  Scientific integrity is a must.

Under C. Identification of Needs, the applicant states: “APCD and the SLO County health department have an extensive outreach program in place.”  To maintain scientific integrity, applicant could work with and get material reviewed by the APCD and the SLO County Health Department.
There is current testing going on to determine the amount, if any, that OHV recreation contributes to the air particulates.  Blaming it on OHV recreation at this time would be premature.
Under Direct Expenses, the rates for  Staff are unclear.  What is the rate per hour and how many hours?  The ratio of Staff expenses to Materials/Supplies is very high and would not be an efficient use of OHV funds. Bruce Brazil, CORVA - 3/25/1

 I OPPOSE this grant request because I believe that the risk to particulate matter is overstated. I had grown up on a farm, worked on farms and construction all of my life, I am now 67 and do not have a lung problem. I have been in many situations that far exceeded the particulate matter coming from Pismo beach. I rode motorcycles at Pismo Beach while attending Cal Poly, I also road in the ACEC area of BLM’s Clearcreek area for 5 to 10 weekends each year for 20 years and as I sad no lung problems.
I believe the State and San Luis Obispo County are doing as much as necessary to inform the public.
I OPPOSE wasting any more of our off-roader’s tax money on this project!
1 G13-04-77-S01 Education & Safety 27,080 13,000 40,080 Michael Damaso, President, Merced Dirt Riders - 4/6/14

 This application for grant funding would provide public information regarding dust exposure from the Oceano Dunes SVRA.
The amount of dust from the Dunes and its purported effect on public health remains highly controversial. The source and nature of particulates and their potential effect on human health remain the subject of debate. In spite of this the ODSVRA has implemented a major effort at reducing particulates from that area.
This issue has been widely and extensively publicized by the local media over the past several years, most notably by the San Luis Obispo Tribune, New Times, local TV such as KSBY.  It seems difficult to believe that visitors to the area, who receive information from the SVRA, and local residents might not be aware of this issue.
I fail to see how an additional educational program related to this controversial issue would better inform this discussion.  SLO County resident - 4/6/14