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Ridgecrest Police Department

 I could not disagree more with the Ridgecrest Police Department's request for an this OHV grant.  There are no OHV opportunities with the the city of Ridgecrest.  The statement on page 7 of the application that 60,000 to 100,000 riders and families come for OHV activities in a single weekend is  not true.  The only annual OHV event held in Ridgecrest is in direct violation of Ridgecrest City's Municipal Code (RMC) 4-5.102.  This is not a charity event and the entire route is fully accessible with vehicles the department already owns.  OHV and state vehicle codes are not enforced within the city of Ridgecrest.  Throughout their application they claim the purchase of an OHV or 4x4 truck would enable them to better enforce the law.  The fact is they already own 4 wheel drive vehicles and OHVs (off-road motorcycles).  Their application would have your believe the only vehicles they have are 2WD Crown Victorias which is just not true.  The taxpayer money used for this grant is intended for agencies that actually have legal OHV users in their jurisdiction and this city and it's police department is not one of them. D. Palmer - 3/21/14

 I would like to comment on the Ridgecrest Police Department 's application (G13-03-46-L01) for GCA-13 funds.  There are no legal OHV trails or areas within the City of Ridgecrest.  The areas where OHV use is permitted immediately outside the Ridgecrest city limits fall under the jurisdiction of the BLM - Ridgecrest Field Office and the Kern County Sheriff's Office.  Both the BLM and KCSO have law enforcement personnel operating out of their respective offices located within the city of Ridgecrest.  Thank you for the opportunity to share my comments regarding this application. Jeff Johnson - 4/1/14

 I would like to comment on this OHMVR grant on behalf of the California Off-Road Vehicle Association.
Ridgecrest Police Department  Hard to argue with this grant.  Has my blessing.  Keep up the good work hosting your event and allowing off-roaders to come to town to get food and supplies. Ed Stovin - 4/7/14