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Friends of Jawbone

 Once again we are pleased to support all the grant funds requested by Friends of Jawbone, including monies for restoration, ground operations, and education. The Owlshead Phase 4 GPS is nothing short of brilliant. This technology will help keep OHV riders on route.

Ground operations, along with restoration are vital. Trails that are repaired and refreshed make Jawbone Canyon a place where OHV riders want to visit and enjoy. Friends of Jawbone has struggled with illegal off-road riders who joyride into Wilderness areas, and we hope that these grant funds will help them continue to make more progress. ORV WATCH KERN COUNTY, Steering Committee, Jan Alford, Jon Rogers, Sandi Tardiff - 3/18/14

 I would like to comment on OHMVR grants on behalf of the California Off-Road Vehicle Association.
Friends of Jawbone is asking for a huge amount of grant money for a variety of grants.  What is hard to see is how hard these people work and what a great job they do.  This area that they have taken over operation from the BLM is very heavily used and loved.  I am sure this grant money will be spent well.  Please fund all these grants as fully as possible. Ed Stovin - 4/6/14