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BLM - Bakersfield Field Office

 We are pleased to support the Bakersfield BLM field office’s request for Law Enforcement grant funds. It is astonishing that there are so few Rangers in the field, considering the tremendous amount of terrain that must be patrolled.
The field office is woefully understaffed and we believe they are worthy of more grant funding than the requested amount. ORV WATCH KERN COUNTY, Steering Committee, Jan Alford, Jon Rogers, Sandi Tardiff - 3/18/14

 I would like to provide comments in support of this application.  The BFO really needs additional funding to have an LE presence over such a large area, 254,000 acres. There is considerable and intensive OHV use at Keyesville and in the E Temblors and many other areas managed by the BFO so this request seems modest for such a large area.
I would really like to see the BFO apply for something other than just LE grants.  I understand that we're long overdue for the RMP-EIS to be signed so that the planning work for the Temblor SRMA can begin, but there is a considerable need for signage and fencing in the Temblors. In fact I believe County grant funding will be used for this purpose, so I would think that at least a modest Ground Ops grant application from the Field Office would be in order? Bruce Whitcher, CORVA, CCMA - 4/6/14

 I would like to comment on OHMVR grants on behalf of the California Off-Road Vehicle Association.  The Bakersfield BLM Law Enforcement  grant looks good and should be funded as fully as possible. Ed Stovin 4/6/14