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USFS - Klamath NF Patrol District

 Humbug:  Funds are definitely needed to maintain, and when possible, expand this riding area to enhance the riding experience and attract much needed tourist dollars to the Siskiyou County area.  Our club, Siskiyou County Off Road Riders has a very good relationship with the KNF and are working toward a partnership situation that would allow us to do more to maintain and expand the area than we presently can on a strictly volunteer basis.
Juniper Flat:  This project is a very attractive one.  It is located between I-5 and HWY 97.  Presently the area is limited in size but will provide a great staging area that can accommodate families with young riders.  To utilize this area to its potential, efforts must be made to open up a trail system on the lands to the North, making sure to avoid sensitive cultural sites, and allowing access to existing trails that connect to much larger existing riding opportunities on the National Forest.  As it stands now we’ll end up with a Cadillac parking, picnic and restroom facility with Model T riding opportunities if the afore mentioned expansion suggestions aren’t considered and implemented in a timely manner.
Klamath patrol District: As there hasn’t been a significant amount of problems, I feel the consensus of most club members is Green Sticker monies used for patrol functions should be limited to offsetting  personnel costs, wages etc., and equipment purchases should be looked at carefully.  We agree certain equipment is necessary, but it can also be a not so prudent use of our Green sticker dollars if it gets out of hand.  I personally feel it should be a wait and see as we move forward and identify the real need as we see it developing then revisit equipment needs. Larry Castle - 3/6/14

 As a OHV rider I support the grant requests for Humbug Trail Maintenance,  Juniper Flat Development and The Klamath Patrol District proposals.

The Klamath National Forest is and has taken a leading role in designing, planing and implementing much needed motorized recreation in the north state.   Their efforts are taking giant steps towards our future in OHV recreation.   This work is not without risks.   In order for them to succeed the Klamath needs the support of the OHV community and Siskiyou County. 

As you are aware, the Humbug Riding Area is here now!  I am seeing it grow and I also see the need for funding to maintain what is there now.   Riders from Northern California and Southern Oregon are beginning to "find"  Humbug and what it has to offer.   With increasing use and the growth of its facilities the need to support and maintenance for  what we have fought for grows too.

Growth in motorized recreation here is Siskiyou County and on the Klamath Forest is not just benefiting us locally.   It benefits all the riders who can come here from out of the area too.  One thing most of look for some where new to ride.   Something to share with our families.   Northern California riders don't need to drive out of state to find OHV recreation; its here!

In order to regulate growth OHV, we need to educate the riding communities towards safe maintainable use.  That can't be done only on a website.   It take people on the ground meeting the public who own these facilities.   Most of us do follow "safe use regulation"  some riders don't.   If our Forest Service Law Enforcement Patrols don't have the equipment to educate the public, the rest of us loose in the eyes of the non riding community.   When education fails that results in enforcement actions.  

Please support the Klamath Patrol Districts needs for funding some of their equipment so they can continue to help educate the public and protect our National Forests. Thank you for you service and consideration. David G. Shaw, member of Siskiyou County Off Road Riders SCORR - 3/11/14

 View public comments:  Humbug, Juniper Flat, LE. SCORR - 3/18/14

 View public comment. D. Shaw - 4/7/14