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Vernal Pools (Prairie City SVRA)

Second Annual Vernal Pool Tour

The Second Annual Vernal Pool Tour was held April 20th at Prairie City State Vehicular Recreation Area.  Eleven visitor attended the tour which lasted approximately 2 hours.  The tour highlighted several botanical beauties like the Mimulus tricolor, Downingia bicornuta, Downingia ornatissima, Navarretia leucocephala, and Sidalcea hartwegii.  During the tour, a brief history of Prairie City’s previous land use was discussed as well as upcoming plans to conduct a prescribed fire in the grassland area.  The objective of the burn was to eradicate Taeniatherum caput-medusae as well as other invasive species.  Taeniatherum caput-medusae was shown during the tour and its invasive properties explored.
Photos by Jeb Bjerke (cc).

Vernal Pool Photo

Castilleja attenuata Photo
Castilleja attenuata
Delphinium Variegatum Photo
Delphinium variegatum
Downingia bicomuta Photo
Downingia bicornuta
Downingia omatissima Photo
Downingia ornatissima
Lasthenia fremontii Photo
Lasthenia fremontii
Limnanthes alba ssp alba Photo
Limnanthes alba ssp alba
Mimulus tricolor Photo
Mimulus tricolor
Psilocarphus Photo
Pogogyne Photo
Pilulania americana closeup Photo
Pilulania americana

Sidalcea hartwegii Photo
Sidalcea hartwegii