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Stanislaus County Sheriff's Department

CORVA works very closely with the Stanislaus County Sheriff's Department OHV Unit, and in general, we highly commend their methods of operations in regards to law enforcement, and the integrity that the OHV officers exhibit in the attention to their duties.

We have had a few issues, however, with the importance that the Sheriff's Department and/or operations in the Park and Recreation Department have shown to staffing at the OHV parks. When on site, the officers are great, well-received by the public, and effective at enforcing regulations at the parks, but we have had to compete with hunting season patrolling needs and gone without law enforcement personnel a couple of times when needed. We hope that this is past behavior, that with the granting of funding for daily patrols, OHV recreation gets the attention we are paying for, in a very real way.

We do have a question about the need for daily patrols of both Frank Raines and La Grange all year round. In the application it mentions that Frank Raines is currently closed from May through October, but the Sheriff's Department is asking for funding to provide daily patrols. Will those daily patrols allow Frank Raines to open all year round? Will there be additional opportunity, more than is currently allowed? It's not clear in the application. And since Frank Raines is closed during the summer months, presumably not currently receiving patrolling, why aren't those officers available to patrol La Grange? These issues could be made clearer in order to justify a greater amount of funding.

The communication, repelling and emergency medical equipment needed are absolutely required for effective patrolling of the two OHV parks in Stanislaus County be cause of the difficulties of the terrain, and the absolute absence of other assistance in the areas. CORVA completely supports these requests.

In short, many aspects of this grant request are understandable and necessary, and CORVA supports without question. The issue with the patrols, and whether daily patrols would result in more OHV opportunity at Frank Raines is a question we would like answered, (hopefully in the affirmative), and CORVA we also like to confirm that the availability of the SVOU unit will remain first and foremost with OHV events and available to the OHV community.

We have been honored to work with the Stanislaus County Sheriff's Department for many years, and look forward to close cooperation for many future years to come. [Amy Granat, Managing Director, CORVA - 4/1/13]