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USFS - Pacific Southwest Region

Education and Safety Grant Request #G12-02-12-S01

CORVA completely supports the granting of this application by the US Forest Service on behalf of the educational programs run by CASSP, the California Archeologist Site Stewardship Program. This program is a stellar example of a program that works to protect OHV opportunities through educating both motorized enthusiasts about the importance of protecting important archeological sites, but also educates non-motorized enthusiasts that OHV trails do not need to close because of their proximity to those critical arch sites.

This program is a perfect win-win situation of protecting the environment while protecting OHV opportunities that are found too rarely, and the grant request has a high match from the Forest Service. It is a relatively small amount of money to produce a very large difference and enhancement to OHV opportunities statewide. CORVA supports this grant request. [Amy Granat, Managing Director, CORVA - 4/1/13]