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Placer County Department of Public Works

I am contacting you to register my support for the Grant Request noted on the Subject line above. Water quality issues are critical to the continued use of the Placer County end of the Rubicon Trail. It is critical that these issues be addressed before they become water quality problems. There are also some safety and user education issues that are addressed in the grant request. There are ample volunteer hours pledged from user groups for the work that needs to be accomplished, however funding needs to be established for the materials and equipment necessary for these projects.  It is my hope that the funding will be made available via this grant so that remedial trail work can be started this Summer and Fall. [John Briggs - 3/31/13]

I am writing today to show support in favor of the Placer County grant application for ground ops funding.  The Placer County side of the Rubicon Trail is in need of serious maintenance efforts in order to mitigate water quality issues and keep the trail open for all users. [Morgan DeRodeff - 4/1/13]