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City of Porterville Parks & Leisure Services

I would like to comment on the following grant on behalf of the California Off-Road Vehicle association.

City of Porterville Parks and Leisure Services   While I love OHV facilities, I wonder if green/red stickers are required to ride here.  The low fee to ride here is a nice change from the $25 a ride at some tracks.  I'm not sure if this facility is eligible for a grant, but either way I wish you all the best running it. [Ed Stovin - 3/31/13]

The City of Porterville provides a really important OHV opportunity for youngsters in the Central Valley. In a facility of roughly 30 acres, the City provides a much needed chance for young people to learn, practice and enjoy OHV recreation.

The grant application amounts seem very reasonable, and the match is over 50%, showing that the city is serious about supporting OHV. It is reasonable to conclude that without proper maintenance, especially during the winter months, there could be serious deterioration of the track systems.

However there are a couple of items in the list of expenses I'm not sure should be included in a ground operations grant, including insurance costs and printing educational and safety brochures. Both items are critical for the operations of the facility, I'm just not sure whether it is appropriate to include those costs as ground operations for the purposes of this grant request.

All in all, the grant is well-written and clear in it's intent to continue OHV recreation in the city, and we support the granting of funds, especially given the large amount of match funding the city proposes in the application. [Amy Granat, Managing Director, CORVA - 4/1/13]