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BLM - Redding Field Office

G12-01-14-G01 Chappie Shasta Ground Operations:, scope of project is broad. Having traveled the trails in this area, I appreciate the BLM's work. Still the amount requested, seems redundant, doesn't the BLM have a budget? The area is not used only for OHV.

G12-01-14-L01 Chappie Shasta Law Enforcement: I feel almost relieved at how little money is requested in this grant in comparison to ground operations and yet these personal are dedicated almost exclusively to OHV. Recommend granting funds. [Diana Mead, CORVA, N. Director - 3/31/13]

Please find BRC’s comments on your GO and LE grants. Keep up the good work. [Don Amador - 4/1/13]


C/S LE staff, have shown an education first/ citation last approach to OHV recreation. D36 has seen, and worked with staff at the Redding Dirt Riders MC Special Event, and has witnessed LE Operations first hand. If the early days of Sound Control efforts, BLM worked with D36 clubs as partners to educate enthusiasts about sound, legal spark arrestors, and WHY sound is important to OHV recreation. This has been accomplished by compliance, and partnerships by working together. While enforcement is just one component of LE, the real world side is “first response” in the medical arena. Again, time has proven this BLM unit works for the folks its serves.

District 36 supports this Grant for full funding, as their long term history and proven programs support it. [David Pickett - 4/1/13]

Comments on Grant #G12-01-14-GO1 , Chappie-Shasta Ground Operations, Redding BLM Field Office/ OHV

This facility speaks volumes on how a program should work, and does. The quality of this facility continues to improve year after year – and supplemental funding for this unique OHV area is well deserved. BLM has developed a team, with OHV recreation in mind, with a unique blend of environmental qualities than does co-exist creating a very special OHV recreation experience. In the arena of Special Events, the Redding Dirt Riders MC and D36, along with BLM guidance, have built a strong partnership of trust – and one of the best special event programs takes place at this excellent facility that attracts not only recreationist from California, but from across the country. I would believe that this OHV unit, is the one OHV Division staff requests to do the post grant audit. They are doing it RIGHT!

With strong support, District 36 requests full funding for this grant. It deserves it. On behalf of the District 36 Membership [David Pickett - 4/1/13]