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USFS - Mendocino NF - Patrol District

G12-02-36-L01, Mendocino Patrol District LE

I am unable to see any partnering with Colusa County SD who also submitted a grant for the OHV area of the Mendocino. Sad. It is not that we cannot use or value LE, it is that the LE agencies should work in tandem where OHV funds are in play.

Also, if this LE entity received a grant last year even close to the one requested this year and it was awarded, the funding should still be sitting in an account somewhere for future use. The fire eliminated all camping and special events at Stonyford from summer 2012 at least until June, 2013. [Diana Mead, CORVA N. Director - 3/31/13]

Please find BRC’s comment letter on the LE grant. Keep up the good work. [Don Amador - 4/1/13]