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BLM - Barstow Field Office

I would like to comment on your grant in the deficiencies in providing adequate staff and materials to implement the to be court ordered signing of designated trails in the Barstow field office. You are also facing DRECP conservation area that will have trails in it, that will have to be managed.

You have 3000 miles of tails that will be subject to the strictest management challenge your office has ever had,   To keep  visitors on designated trails you will have to actively manage with at least two teams of 2 people each. That represents 8320 hrs at 24 dollars an hours for $199,680.

You have to add vehicle cost, which can be a match using BLM vehicles or rent 4x4 trucks at 130 to 150 dollars each. They have to be 4x4 and they really get beat up

You have to have repairs and fuel

You have to have supplies, decals and 6 foot fiber post red and brown at cost of $14.60 each. 

Each sign with decal both sides including the fiber posts  will cost you $33.97. You will  have to have minimum of  5000 x 33.97. =$169.850. 

I know this will come to you as a shocker, but you have 3 to 4 years of catch up to properly manage your limited use areas

Your equipment costa of grader as match is totally wrong , it cost to rent. A grader between $650 to $850 dollars a day. Dozen about same. Water truck each $335 a day. They belong to friends of el mirage and purchased with RTP funds, so that number is our charge and we gladly use it as match for BLM,  those water trucks are used a lot more than shown on this grants, so something is wrong.

We can no longer work as business as usual.  With court order and DRECP. BLM will have to take the management  of our limited use seriously. It is not a part time job, is is a full time job for dedicated staff to only do signing, anything less than that will put our tail system in jeopardy, something we the public can not accept. [Ed Waldheim - 3/15/13]

Please see attached comments for the BLM - Barstow Field Office Grant Application Reference # G12-01-04-G01 Barstow Ground Operations. [Steve Egbert - 3/31/13]