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BLM - Eagle Lake Field Office

I have currently been living in the lassen county are for 5 years. I ride at fort sage ohv area every week weather permitting. I am a correctional officer and numerous partners of mine also ride out at fort sage. I personally have taken people from Reno and sacramento out there and everyone agrees it is by far one of the greatest areas we have all rode. Now that I have kids I want them to also ride fort sage and enjoy it as much as I have for the last 5 years and hopefully years to come. If you need any information about it or would like me to volunteer or anything to keep such a great area open for the public I am willing to volunteer for anything. Feel free to contact me at 916-761-3274.  I read the article in the lassen times and wanted to send out an email before April 1. Thanks again and hopefully fort sage can stay open for years to come. [Clinton Morris - 3/30/13]