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El Dorado County Sheriff's Department

See attached letter. [Karen Schambach - 3/29/13]

I am commenting today to show support for the grant request for the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office.  The OHV community has a good relationship with the Sheriff and the deputies.  They provide excellent patrols in a professional and courteous manner and along with volunteer activity have made the Rubicon (among other areas) a safer, more enjoyable place for families.

I’m not sure I agree fully with the need for an atv/utv with snow tracks, as there is very limited use of the OHV areas during times when there would be enough snow to necessitate this.  Also, the maintenance cost estimates and  equipment costs seem a little high.

Other than that though I support this grant application and feel the EDSO provides a valuable and necessary piece to the OHV community. [Morgan DeRodeff - 4/1/13]

I heartily support the award of a grant for sherriff’s presence on the Rubicon Trail.  Their presence over the last few years has made a world of difference in how people conduct themselves on the trail, leading to a safer environment for all in the region. [Nancy DeRodeff - 4/1/13]

LE Grant Application #G12-03-07-L01 - As written in their application the El Dorado County Sheriff's Department has taken the lead on providing and coordinating law enforcement activities on the Rubicon Trail. In order to retain off-highway vehicle opportunities on the Rubicon Trail, law enforcement personnel must be visible on the trail during the busier times of the year., and clearly El Dorado County Sheriff's Department understands this need and has devoted considerable time, effort and money to keeping travel open on the Rubicon Trail.

The Sheriff's Department has also made wise use of monies awarded in previous grants by working closely with both the enthusiast community and the OHMVR Division of State Parks to maximize the effectiveness of the funds available to their law enforcement efforts. A big part of the success seen in recent years in meeting the requirements of the Clean-up and Abatement Order issued a few years ago by the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board has been due to efforts by the Sheriff's Department, and their visibility on the trail. We especially appreciate the common sense manner in which the sheriff's Department deals with infractions on the trail, finding a balance between education and enforcement.

El Dorado County Sheriff's Department has done everything right in regards to OHV patrols - they actively seek enthusiast cooperation and assistance, work with the OHV Division of State Parks and the Forest Service, and understand the specific needs of the OHV community and the Rubicon Trail. Please grant the EDSO the money requested in the grant application for efficient and consistent patrols on the Rubicon Trail, and to keep OHV recreation open year-round on the trail. With the proposed closure of many of the most popular trails in the adjacent forest, proper management of the Rubicon Trail will take even more time, money and effort. Therefore the money requested by the EDSO takes on a more critical need than ever. [Amy Granat, Managing Director, CORVA - 4/1/13]