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City of California City

See attached letter. [Katie Lakamp - 3/28/13]

It is with heavy heart I have to make comments on your grant because I live in this city', you do fantastic job as police man, but have to tell you when you put in a grant that is rally augmenting staff for the city public works I have big problems,

First off all, when we designated trail system, we never did it on 1800 miles of trails.   ou and I and Steve designated our cc5 and cc10. It was understood that streets would be used to access BLM land .  What really gets me is 294 days on grader, you never will do, that so over the top. Even if you did what on earth would you grade. Just do drive a grader over roads that do not need work, surely is not good used of hours just to get a 51% match

Water, match $12,000 per year is also over top you are billing as if it is a residential customer.  Wholesale water cost a fraction I know because I use water meter and fill water truck and with over 50,000 gallons at a  fraction of cost, do your realize  it fills one heck of lot of motor homes. This is a guess as I see it,

Solid, natural resources you took all the highest points you can get for roads?  There are no monitoring points, and natural resources on the 1800 miles of roads?  You do not even have staff to do this, and if you subcontract,it should be listed in contract.

Signs on designated trails, all you have are those I personally put in with volunteers, you replace some  but i we still have to fix signs down on neurally,that are broken for weeks and no one fixes them. 

You and dirt team do an incredible job with public safety and work at borax bill park. You have the most efficient first responders of anyone . I congratulate you.

You also are charging fee,s and it is a good chunk of change, that pays for things you are putting in this grant as match. 

My biggest disappointment in this grant that it was written with trying to get the most points possible with the grader being the biggest contributor to match. A match totally without Merit because you just do not grade 1800 miles of roads, I mean dirt roads that any car can drive on? This grant together with law enforcement grant and fee's you collect is just to much. 

I would suggest that the grant be presented with actual need rather than how to get the most points.  [Ed Waldheim - 3/31/13]

I would like to comment on the following grant on behalf of the California Off-Road Vehicle association. City of California City Development, Ground Operations  modest grants to improve an open ohv area.  I do wonder about a match line item that says "Other-Use of Grader $249k"  This pushes the match way up.  What is this for?  Please fund as fully as possible.  LE is a big grant, but has a good match.  It is needed to keep peace in this great OHV area.  Please fund as much as possible. Education & Safety grant would fund much needed safety for this well used and enjoyed area. [Ed Stovin - 3/31/13]