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Lassen Land and Trails Trust

This project seems well thought out and warrants funding. [Diana Mead, CORVA N. Director - 3/28/13]

This is a very interesting request for Ground Operations funding. CORVA is unfamiliar with the Lassen Land and Trails Trust, but is intrigued with the possibility of purchasing the rights-of-way to an old railroad bed and providing multiple-use opportunities. This would provide a unique addition to the routes currently available to OHV travel, and we are pleased to see that non-profit agencies are supporting new OHV opportunities.

Because this is a new endeavor, I would encourage the Land Land and Trail Trust to reach out more to the OHV community to garner support for this project. In principal, CORVA finds the amount of money requested to be fair, the projects, as far as signing and protection of resources, a reasonable request. The amount of match money is good, and the only thing that is missing is the community support for the effort. The fact that the Yamaha OHV grant program has already awarded money to this effort bodes well for the group, but the fact that the rest of the state has yet to be made aware of these efforts is puzzling.

So, in principal, this is an interesting concept that deserves support as long as the local community supports these efforts as well! [Amy Granat, Managing Director, CORVA - 4/1/13]