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BLM - Ukiah Field Office

On behalf of the Marin County Motorcycle Association, please accept the following comments on your grant applications to the State of California, Department of Parks and Recreation, Off Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Division.

G12-01-17-G01 - Ground Operations
Cow Mountain OHV area is a heavily utilized recreation area for the OHV community and of vital importance to a responsibly managed and sustainable OHV system comprised primarily of public lands within the State of California. Ongoing maintenance, repair and improvement of the trail systems and facilities should be one of the highest priorities for the BLM. We fully support the current application and encourage the BLM to continue to look at creative ways to leverage as many grant dollars as possible by partnering with volunteer groups, local schools, local businesses and other interested parties.

G12-01-17-L01 - Law Enforcement
Regular Law Enforcement presence is a key ingredient to a well run OHV area that is remotely located and heavily visited by the public. Given the large geographical areas of Cow Mountain and Knoxville and the distance between the two areas along with other BLM properties it is difficult to provide coverage to all areas. We support your application request for Law Enforcement funding and encourage BLM to seek as much funding as possible for Law Enforcement from any available sources.

G12-01-17-R01 - Chalk Hill Restoration
Restoration of sensitive areas is important in protecting and preserving fragile resources where they exist. We support the request for restoration funding on this project.

G12-01-17-A02- Ft Bragg OHV Acquisition
Given the fact that Cow Mountain is a highly visited OHV destination for many recreationalists it would be of great benefit to increase and expand OHV opportunities when possible. The Ft. Bragg area is ideal for a proposed OHV area due to the proximity to developed services such as hotels, grocery stores, restaurants, etc., as well as a mild spring, summer and fall climate when other areas are hot and dusty. We believe there are many benefits to the local area that would boost the economy through increased tourism and visitor revenues if an OHV area were opened in the Ft. Bragg vicinity. We support the application 100% to fund the necessary land acquisitions for a new OHV area.Thank you for the opportunity to comment on the grant applications and for your service to the OHV community. We appreciate your hard work on our behalf. [Eric Leuder - 3/28/13]

G12-01-08-A01, Acquisition  YES please fund!

G12-01-08-G01, Ground Operations Look fine, this BLM field office generally has a great relationship with the OHV community.

G12-01-08-L01, Law Enforcement I would prefer not to see the request for a new motorcycle and the associated dollar amounts, other than that the BLM LE works well with the Lassen County SD

G12-01-08-R01, Restoration   OK [Diana Mead, CORVA N. Director - 3/28/13]

G12-01-17-A02- Ft Bragg OHV Acquisition

I write in support of the grant applications to the State of California, Department of Parks and Recreation, Off Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Division and the proposed Ft. Bragg California OHV area it will help fund.

I am old enough and have been riding Off Highway Vehicles (OHVs) long enough to remember the days before the Chappie-Z’berg law created the OHV division and the Fort Bragg area reminds me of those days where the only riding was outlaw riding and trail sustainability was something no one worried about. There was no law enforcement, no respect for public or private property, no closures for inclement weather, no trail studies, no sound restrictions  . . .the wild west on wheels. The Fort Bragg area is much like that today with outlaw riding the norm and no apparent way to stop it. I have come to understand that with zero accessibility comes zero compliance and as a member of the JAG (Jackson Demonstration State Forest Advisory Group)I can tell you that problem exists today.

The proposed OHV area will provide local and out of town riders a place to recreate responsibly and by so doing, help to change the outlaw culture to one of compliance and respect. This will help reduce irresponsible outlaw riding in sensitive Coho Salmon watershed areas while bringing much needed tourism revenue to the beleaguered local economy. I believe the proposed grant application is exactly what Messrs.’ Gene Chappie and Ed Z’berg had in mind 40+ years ago and it is consistent with the Mission Statement of the Division today and will be supported by the OHV community and the local environmental community as well. [Ross H. Liberty - 3/31/13]

G12-01-17-G01 - Ground Operations, Cow Mountain OHV area

Rich Burns and the Team he has put together is a model of efficient government. They have the complete support of the local OHV community and over the last 30+ years that I have been riding up on Cow Mountain I have enjoyed the improvements the Team, combined with the many volunteer groups they have attracted, have made. I am in complete support of Rich and his team and, thus, their application for Ground Operations grants. [Ross H. Liberty - 3/31/13]

California Recreation Alliance (CRA) is in full support of your grant application for an OHV park in the Fort Bragg area. This is a much needed venue in an area with many off roaders and no legal OHV recreation opportunities. CRA would also like to encourage you to consider acquiring another 300 acres in this grant application if funds are available. [CRA Board of Directors - 3/31/13]

Please find BRC’s comments (4) on your OHV grants. Keep up the good work. [Don Amador - 4/1/13]

Support for Grant –Ground Operations  # G12-____-_____-G__   *** Submitted on 3/7/13 BLM Ukiah Field Office
Cow Mtn Recreation area / As this area was NOT applying  for Grants in the recent past, this grant application moves forward with a commitment to OHV, and the user community.
Special Events held in this area are also partners for volunteer projects by D36 clubs. This is a high use area, and thus, funding to meet the demand of the user community.
Please support this grant with full funding as submitted.

Support for Grant – Law Enforcement  #G12-__-__-G__ *** Submitted on 3/7/13 BLM Ukiah Field Office Cow Mtn Recreation area /  LE is an important part of OHV recreation. District 36 requests Education over citation whenever possible. We believe this creates a better long term relationship with the public when used in contacts. Discretion is urged when appropriate. First response, especially in a medical situation – is a true benefit of this LE Grant. LE Grant monies should be used for Permitted Special Events, as every participant has paid the same registration and fuel taxes which support this grant, as does trail riding in non-special event use. In all cases, proper registration via the CVC is mandated in BLM OHV areas. We see no regulation where this could not be incorporated, and view LE Cost Recovery as unfair and construe as double-dipping within H-2930-1 BLM Permit Handbook. Please adjust your LE grant funding to facilitate this.  See LE, Pg. 2,  #4

*** Technical difficulties did not allow access to Grant Numbers on OHV Web Page, nor access to General Application Requirement page.

On behalf of District 36 clubs and members [David Pickett - 4/1/13]

I've been trying to find the details on the grant request for Cow Mountain OHV area on the BLM site, and haven't had much luck. That's not really a big problem; my main concern isn't with the specific grant proposal but that in general Cow Mountain receives funds for maintenance and trail construction.  The area is very popular and needs far more attention than it seems to be receiving.  I wanted to make sure to add my voice in support of any proposal that will preserve and extend the OHV lands in Northern California, and in the Sonoma/Mendocino areas in particular. [Peter Lipson - 4/1/13]