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USFS - El Dorado NF - Patrol District

My family and I live in Loomis and recreate in the Eldorado National Forest. We were extremely disappointed when many of our favorite trails were closed last year over the meadow crossing dispute. I am anxiously awaiting the reopening of these trails especially the Deer Valley trail which is one of my favorite trails in California.   Towards that end I firmly support the ENF’s request for grant funding for law enforcement on these trails. Thank you for your time. [Tom Gunther - 3/26/13]

As a landowner in the neighborhood of the Rubicon Trail, and as a visitor to the area my entire life, I highly support the awarding of a grant to provide law enforcement on the Rubicon.  It has made an amazing difference in the conduct of the rowdies on the trail and in the area, thus increasing the safety of all visitors in the region.  Rarely do I hear any shots in the night or see drunken drivers.  It is a necessary part of having such a popular attraction.  And yes, the popular attraction itself needs to remain.  It’s a wonderful destination for people. [Nancy DeRodeff - 4/1/13]