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General support for the grant. The scoring looks good. [Scott Johnston - 3/26/13]

I live in Loomis and recreate in the Eldorado National Forest and on the Rubicon Trail. I was extremely disappointed when many of my favorite trails were closed last year over the meadow crossing dispute.  I am anxiously awaiting the reopening of these trails especially the Deer Valley trail which is one of my favorite trails in California. Towards that end I firmly support El Dorado County’s request for grant funding for trail improvements on the Rubicon Trail from Gerle Creek to Wentworth Springs Campground. Thank you for your time. [Tom Gunther - 3/26/13]

I live in Loomis and recreate in the Eldorado National Forest and on the Rubicon Trail. I was extremely disappointed when many of my favorite trails were closed last year over the meadow crossing dispute. I am anxiously awaiting the reopening of these trails especially the Deer Valley trail which is one of my favorite trails in California. Towards that end I firmly support El Dorado County’s  request for grant funding for trail safety and education. Thank you for your time. [Tom Gunther - 3/26/13]

See attached letter. [Karen Schambach - 3/29/13]

I am commenting on the El Dorado DOT grant applications today to show support in favor of the applications.  I support all of the county’s grant requests.  The county provides absolutely necessary maintenance, education, and planning activities to the OHV community.  The county, in cooperation with volunteer groups, have accomplished some amazing things over the years including the educational outreach efforts and maintenance activities along the Rubicon Trail.  Please approve their requests for continued funding of these efforts.

Specifically, I would like to comment on the importance of the Gerle Creek grant application.  This section of road is an important access vector to Wentworth Springs.  It is also contains areas that are low in elevation and need continued maintenance to mitigate water quality issues. [Morgan DeRodeff - 4/1/13]

Operations and Maintenance #G12-03-06-G01
I am please to support the Operations and maintenance Grant Request from El Dorado County Transportation Department. I have watched carefully during the past few years how El Dorado County Transportation Department has used previously awarded grant funding and have been very satisfied with the way the department has used the grants to improve conditions on the Rubicon Trail.

Continual maintenance is needed to meet both the conditions of the Clean-up and Abatement Order referenced in the application, as well as the demands of the visitors and users of the Rubicon Trail, and the Transportation Department has succeeded in meeting both needs. Now with the conditions of the easement agreement in place between the county and Eldorado National Forest, county employees are needed to monitor the trail during the west season as noted int eh application. To benefit the OHV community, the better the qualifications of those monitors, the more likely it is that the OHV community will see continued year-round travel on the Rubicon Trail.

I also agree with the need to establish a weather monitoring station on the trail to increase the availability of accurate data regarding conditions on the trail. Too often the Rubicon has been the recipient of inaccurate accusations making the need for an independent weather monitoring station all the more important.

I am concerned that the match for this grant is on the low side, which may not be a good representative of the amount of volunteer labor and materials available to the trail. The county has adequately listed the number of partners they work with, however I wish there was more outreach to those partners to provide more match in the way of manpower and/or materials. Other than that small criticism, we support granting the funding for this application.

Operations and Maintenance #G12-03-06-G02Having recently traversed the area in question in this grant request, from Gerle Creek to Wentworth Springs Campground, I can confirm that this are is in need of grant monies to improve the condition of this part of the Rubicon Trail. This is probably the only area of the Rubicon Trail for beginners to traverse areas of the trail without risking vehicle damage, and an area for enthusiasts to practice.

With the proposed closure in the adjacent Eldorado National Forest of all the important and highly traveled 4WD trails, this area of the Rubicon trail will become even more important to OHV travel, and without the proposed improvements will become even more deteriorated.

All OHV opportunities in the state are important to OHV enthusiasts, but improvements to the Rubicon Trail and surrounding areas are probably more critical to some because of the extreme amount of visitation, from both in-state and out-of-state, and the extreme criticism garnered by opponents of access to the trail. Being under the spotlight means that the conditions on the tail have to be even better than most other trails, and the granting of funds per this application will make this possible. Please grant this request for funding.

Operations and Maintenance #G12-03-06-S01As part of the negotiation team that led to the historic agreement granting an easement for the Rubicon Trail to El Dorado County from the Forest Service, CORVA has an integral interest to the success of the conditions in that agreement.

It is only with that foreknowledge that CORVA can fully support the need to realign that portion of the trail that is most prone to problematic conditions during winter months.

To accomplish this task in Winter Camp and Wentworth Springs Campground will require the gamut of environmental analysis and investigation into possible rerouting of the trail. all this analysis is expensive, but the benefit to the OHV Community cannot be underestimated.

There is a lot of money requested for a Consultant, but it is not indicated whether that consultant would be hired on the basis of a competitive bid process. We request elaboration on that fact, please. Also, at question would be whether the realignment would result in new opportunities, or simply replace existing opportunities, since the name of this grant request describes it as "alternative routes". Please elaborate on that issue as well.
Otherwise, CORVA supports the granting of this funding request.

Education and Safety: G12-03-06-S01
This grant request supports the continuation is two very successful campaigns. The first is the bandana campaign, which has successfully educated enthusiasts about the most critical issues facing continued access to the Rubicon trail. In an innovative way, the bandana has directed travelers on the trail on the most pressing environmental issues to look out for; how to avoid those issues and what to do if problems occur.

Equally successful is the mid-trail staff that provides education during the summer months on the trail. No matter whom pays for the staff at mid-trail, that presence is necessary, just as much as law enforcement, to make sure that enthusiasts understand proper trail etiquette, and understand that responsible individuals are watching the trail at all times.

These educational methods are clearly successful, supported by the OHV community, and represent the best use of grant funding possible. CORVA fully supports both these continued efforts, and granting of this application. [Amy Granat, Managing Director, CORVA - 4/1/13]

As a landowner in the area of Gerle Creek Bridge I am in support of grant money to accomplish projects necessary for the protection and maintenance of the area.  Between the bridge and the start of the Rubicon Trail are several miles of well used roads that have been worked on by the county and FOTR volunteers in recent years.  I don’t know the specifics of this grant application, but trust Vickie to have our best interests at heart. [Nancy DeRodeff - 4/1/13]

I have only seen pictures of Rubicon Springs, and if ever there was a place that is impacted by its popularity, this must be it.  Just the number of people going there and having a wonderful time necessitates that some effort and money be set aside to protect and maintain this important spot on the trail.  I support the awarding of grant funds to this project. [Nancy DeRodeff - 4/1/13]

I firmly believe that education about trail issues, environmental and otherwise, is the answer to all the concerns that have arisen in recent years.  Most trail users are happy to learn more about how to conduct themselves for the benefit of the trail, from preventing white flowers to moving gently in the wet season.  I have seen a difference in the ethic and efforts of users as the word has been spread by RTF and FOTR. [Nancy DeRodeff - 4/1/13]