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USFS - Mendocino National Forest

See attached comment letter. [JT Eppterson, Captain, California Highway Patrol - 3/26/13]

G12-02-10-G01 Ground Operations, Mendocino National Forest-The request encompasses OHV opportunities in the Forest. Some redundancy in task outlines that could be handled otherwise. Recommend funding.

G12-02-10-R01 Stonyford/Knobcone Restoration Project : no OLGA is viewable for this project. If this is the the funding requested from OHV to return trails modified for commercial logging, back to the original trail system, I say NO. The commercial enterprise should pay for this expense as part of the total cost of their project. [Diana Mead, CORVA N. Director - 3/31/13]

On behalf of the Marin County Motorcycle Association, please accept the following comments on your grant application to the State of California, Department of Parks and Recreation, Off Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Division.

G12-02-10-G01 Ground Operations
The Mendocino NF is a vitally important OHV area that is considered a preferred destination for many recreationalists in Northern California. As a premier OHV destination we are happy to see a proactive OHV program that has served as a model for well managed OHV areas. We support your grant request 100% for continued management and maintenance of the trail systems in a sustainable and resource conscious manner. [Eric Lueder - 4/1/13]

Attached are my comments for the Mendocino National Forest OHV Grant application. [Ben Ellis - 4/1/13]


This grant application is probably one of the MOST NEEDED applications within the entire process for 2013, and District 36 Motorcycle Sports Committee, Inc. urges a comprehensive review for the full funding of this grant as submitted.

As Division knows, a severe fire devastated this area to OHV use. The “Mill” fire creates a problematic situation for one of the most well-known and used OHV areas in the United States. It is imperative that this area be restored for OHV use as well as environmental reasons.

This fire has pulled the resources of volunteerism to a new high, as many D36 clubs and organizations have volunteered many man hours to assist where and when possible. 5 major clubs within D36, along with partners such as Blue Ribbon Coalition & Quiet Warrior Racing, and others, have worked together and donated funds to restore this area as soon as possible.

We STRONGLY urge Division Grant Staff to give this one grant priority over any other if humanly possible.

On behalf of D36, Valley Climbers MC, Oakland MC, Hayward MC, Richmond Ramblers, North Bay MC and our entire membership, please fund this grant at full funding level. [David Pickett - 4/1/13]