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Stanislaus County Parks & Recreation Department

Counting both parks, this grant request is over $300,000 and is primarily to pay for staff at both locations.

I know Frank Raines quite well as the buggy club I belong to has been playing and working there since 1969. There are three clubs that are still active that purchased and installed the stove in the rec hall. The wood stove was likewise provided by park users. Many of the volunteer hours noted in the grant request were provided by these same clubs.

Frank Raines OHV opportunity is seasonal, approximately October through May. Although the campground is open it is not used by the OHV community much during the summer months. The county raised the camping fees in 2012, by a significant amount and eliminated some discounts like senior and veteran. The increased revenue has not be obvious yet at the park. The wet season, although not yet over, hasn't been very severe but the trail system is in terrible condition. Park staff has been talking about the kids track for several years and it was noted in last years grant request as well. Small reference is made to the property at the far end of the park, allocated over ten years ago, to enlarge OHV trails but somehow still only future possibility.

While we users appreciate : "Providing bridges instead of wet crossing where appropriate - We plan to install a series of large culverts to develop a land bridge to eliminate OHV traffic from our main wet crossing". and "Re-routing (even though the no trail re-routing in checked), trails to divert away from riparian/wetland areas: The project will provide fencing supplies to re-route trails by closing some trails where they would lead to riparian/wetland areas and forcing OHV traffic to the other leg of the Y and over less sensitive areas, but still reaching the same end point." , we would really appreciate seeing our grant money and our entry/camping fees go to maintaining the park for our recreation and our safety.

I would also like to see more cooperation between the Stanislaus County Sheriffs Department and county staff at these two parks. The, "us against them," agenda probably has to do with competing for funds, but the OHV community is the loser.

That said, I know this county needs the money to continue to provide OHV opportunities. The parks are heavily visited. [Diana Mead, CORVA N. Director - 3/25/13]

I would like to let you know that Frank Raines OHV Park is an excellently maintained park staffed by caring and considerate personnel who really make the park a great destination for my family. We have been coming to the park since 2005

From Fall to Winter almost every other weekend includes a camping adventure to Frank Raines.  As some may question the 2012 rate increase, the park has put the increased revenue to use by regular trail maintenance, clean facilities, and kept up developed sites for our RV. 

Frank Raines trails are always groomed and kept up for every type of OHV rider.  Both my boys have learned to ride their quads on the trails at this park.  I feel safe knowing that the culverts made to detour erosion by water and the new trail signs provide the safest ride they can have.  The new concrete picnic tables, in ground fire pits and updated electrical hookup’s provide a worry free and safe site to park our RV.  The grounds are consistently removed of tree branches or leaves that intrude on camp sites.

I highly recommend that Frank Raines OHV Park receives this Grant funding to maintain the park we love and the standard we are used to.  I look forward to seeing new fencing around trails, new and updated signs for the park and the park personnel kept at full capacity.  We look forward to many more years of riding at Frank Raines and this grant money will help secure that. [Angela Smith - 3/29/13]

In reguards to the Grant application by Stanislaus County. I can tell you that they have done a great job with these parks with the operating budjet that they have to work with. Our offroad clubs have used these facilities many times over the yrs. and appreciate the job the staff does to help create a fuen riding and camping experience. They continue to maintain and improve these parks and create a great experience for our families. Please see fit to approve their Grant so our families can continue to have a great time at these parks. [Dennis Scroggins - 3/30/13]

I would like to comment on the Grant for Frank Raines Regional Park in Stanislaus County.

Our dirtbike club has held a race at Frank Raines each of the last 3 years and have worked closely with the administrative staff as well as the park staff.  Each year, the park has improved in some form – better park benches, better water/sewer services, improved electrical service, etc.  Additionally, I have noticed trail maintenance improve each year as well as marking and signage.

As a club, we have found it difficult to find a riding area that can accommodate the number of riders we have on a race weekend.  In fact, I searched for 3 years before finalizing plans with the Frank Raines Park.  I think my prolonged search is indicative of the current reduction of public riding areas within California and it is a relief to find that Stanislaus County welcomes the OHV community.  I have heard many of our racers mention that they were not aware of Frank Raines prior to our first race there and many have indicated that they now ride there on a regular basis throughout the year.

Hopefully, the relationship between Frank Raines Regional Park and NorCal Motorcycle Club can continue to be mutually beneficial for many years to come. [David Furrer - 3/31/13]

I am sending this email to voice my support and appriciation of our stanilaus county off road parks.  They are such a fun and enjoyable place to spend time with family and friends with off road interests. The parks are well maintained and operated and I support the grant money that is used by the county to continue operating such outstanding. Please continue to support Frank Raines and La Grange OHV areas, [John Wright - 3/31/13]

I'd like to submit my review in regards to the Frank Raines OHV park in Stanislaus County. Frank Raines is our "home away from home" we have been visiting this park regularly for over 15 years now. Our visits have increased in the years since James Pursley has started maintaining the park. We camp at Frank Raines approximately 15-20 times per year. We have been able to witness first hand the improvements in the camping areas, the restrooms, the trails and fire roads. It has always been a nice family orientated park but, since James has taken the park on as his job we have seen major changes for the better.
The campground is always clean and maintained, the restrooms are always fully stocked and very, very clean. I have three children, one of which is handicapped and it is very important to us to have clean restrooms available at all times and easy access to them.

We love off roading in our jeep and the kids on their quads and dirt bikes. It is also important to us as parents to have not only the fire roads safe but the trails well marked, fenced off and safe as well. The fire roads, trails and fences are always well maintained even after storms have come and the run off has caused damage making the trails not so kid-friendly. I have never felt my children are at risk when enjoying the trails at Frank Raines as we have at other OHV parks.

Two years ago my 13 year old niece wrecked her quad and broke her arm up in the OHV park and it made the world of a difference to us as a family being able to ride in our two-wheel drive car up the fire road to retrieve her and bring her down to safety. That could not have been done at other parks we have visited. The rangers James and Antonio retrieved her quad for us and brought it back to camp, assessed her injuries and called the hospital to advise them we were en-route.

 I cannot begin to stress the importance of having this park maintained and operated by caring individuals who take pride in their work. The employees that maintain the park on a regular basis are constantly working on upgrading, maintaining and repairing things around the campground, the OHV area and the day use area park as well. The employees we talk to have such great vision and passion about improving Frank Raines which is an amazing blessing to our family and others alike. It's nice to think that our kids have grown up making wonderful memories here and that my grandchildren hopefully will as well.
These grants are needed to ensure Frank Raines OHV gets the funds needed to continue operating and maintaining this park so families have a nice, safe play to go as to enjoy each other and life. I could write all day about the wonderful memories we have created at Frank Raines but the most powerful one is, my children are with me making memories rather than standing on a street corner making mistakes. We need more places like this. [Bobbi Jo White - 4/1/13]

We support Frank Raines in obtaining grant support! We frequent this place over 15-20 times a year and camp there most of the time. Please help them get the funds they need to help improve the park. It is one of the best places to camp and OHV... [Chris Cameron - 4/1/13]

We want to let you know that we fully support your grants applications for Frank Raines and LaGrange OHV Parks.   

Our club the Modesto Ridge Runners use these parks are many occasions through out the year.  We have had wonderful support from your staff members at the office and park levels.
We help with clean-ups, repairs and what ever way we can to maintain these parks so our families can enjoy for many years to come.
If we can be of any service to you please let us know. [Debra Campbell - 4/1/13]