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USFS - San Bernardino National Forest

In reviewing this ground operation grant  I noticed on materials the forest has listed metal pipes but failed to list fiberglass brown signs and the deals to properly sign trails.  They also failed to put in for magnetic OHV signs for the vehicles identification

Under staff Heavy Duty operator is listed, it was my understanding this would be contracted out. [Ed Waldheim - 3/23/13]

Just wanted to add my 2 cents for what it's worth.

Like many OHV enthusiast, my family and friends have all come to really appreciate all the OHV recreational opportunities available in the San Bernardino mountains. My wife and I spend every weekend in Crestline, and enjoy riding our dual sport motorcycles on all the trail from there around Arrowhead all the way to Big Bear, so much so, that we started a little over a year ago donating time to the OHV Volunteers. We know first hand how important our time spent on the trails is helping others to enjoy all the forest has to offer. A lot of what we do is teach and educate guest, hand out maps and give a lot of directions to the many different favorite locations. In addition to that we also help with projects like trail maintenance, trash removal and more. I would like to see more funds allocated to our program so that we can continue to grow in size and in our abilities to do more. More tools for projects. More ATV and Motorcycles and perhaps a UTV for projects and patrols. It seems to me that the State has laid off too many a good people who help to protect our forrest. and now it's the volunteer force that is trying to pick up the slack. Help us to protect our FOREST. [Terry Bollin - 3/26/13]

While on a trail ride today on 2N63 and 2N43  I was shocked to see how much trash is being dumped in this area. I would like to suggest there be some money used to place signage on these trails alerting all that illegal dumping is against the law, with the fine amount listed as well. [Debbie Bollin - 3/30/13]

A great deal of my OHV recreation takes place on the San Bernardino National Forest and I support this grant proposal. I do wish that it contained fewer acronyms and less jargon. I think I have a pretty good understanding of the forest and its operations, but I still found myself having to search out the meanings of various acronyms and other references.

Under direct expenses #3 materials-supplies/ Other-directional signage: The funding appears inadequate for the ongoing maintenance for the route signage. I have noticed that these signs suffer extensive abuse from recreational shooters. The notes also appear to omit mention of sign material other than steel and the decals that give the signs meaning. Currently it takes several months to get damaged signs that I have seen and reported to forest personnel repaired or replaced. [CT Alderson - 3/30/13]

I need to come out against using OHV fees to the detriment of OHV use. Specifically grants which are asking for restoration for roads which can reasonably be expected to be reopened to OHV use such as Cleghorn in the San Bernadino National Forest. Currently there is a coordinated effort by anti-ohv forces to remove as much off highway recreation as possible, using all kinds of unethical and perverted methods such as restoration funds to eliminate OHV activity.

Restoration funds should not be used to remove roads that are currently disputed as to whether they should be used or not. Fees as opposed to taxes should be used to further the activity that rasied the funds. Such as parking fees should be used to build and maintain parking lots and spaces, not to close parking lots and parking spaces. This is exactly what Anti OHV forces are doing by requesting OHV restoration funds for "restoration" which is permanent removal of roads that should be available to the OHV community.

Thus, until the debate over the Cleghorn and other trails is settled, NO restoration funds should be dispursed. [Dan Hyatt - 3/31/13]