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Alameda County Sheriff's Office

As noted in the grant application, Alameda County is just over 800 square miles and encompasses the major urban areas of Oakland and the east bay, suburban areas, rural and agricultural areas. Quite simply it is a huge area for a Sheriffs Department to cover.

Yet with all this space, the only OHV opportunity in the county is the privately owned Club Moto in Livermore and a portion of Carnegie SVRA. While I truly appreciate the presence of Alameda County Sheriffs Dept personnel at Carnegie SVRA during special events and on the occasional weekend, their request for grant funding again is excessive. Our grant funding has supported the purchase of dual sport bikes and UTV's in addition to supplements to salaries of personnel in past years.

However, money is very, very tight this year. The approach I would suggest for ACSD is to consider their support of Carnegie as their continuing support of their counties population and barter for access to our SVRA to deliver law enforcement OHV training classes.

If the decision is made to fund this grant, I urge some review and adjustments. Only the very top of the line helmets cost close to $500 each. Likewise for boots at $200.

Does ACSD receive renumeration for the safety classes hosted at Carnegie SVRA for other Law Enforcement agencies?
May through August is hardly high season for Carnegie SVRA given the heat, dry conditions and limits on red sticker vehicles. The extra shifts this grant is requesting for personal during these months surely isn't benefiting the OHV community at our SVRA. Thank you for your consideration. [Diana Mead, CORVA N. Director - 3/23/13]