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San Joaquin County Sheriff's Department

Although San Joaquin County references Carnegie SVRA as falling within its borders, and a section of the park is actually in SJ county, I have never seen SJSD personnel at the park. I am there for four of the six special events held on an annual basis and many other holiday weekends. Alameda county SD does have a presence at the park.

The remainder of the county has no legal OHV opportunity. This means this grant request is to be allocated for two new motorcycles to police illegal riding. While this is noble and certainly part of the job description for SD personnel, where do they suggest the illegal riders go to ride within the county?

The mention that the current bikes cannot reach highway speeds gets little or no sympathy from me as and off highway recreation advocate. Why do they need to reach highway speeds? For off highway use, the quads and trucks (4WD) should be sufficient. To suggest that parts are no longer available for the Suzuki bikes as they are 8 years old is patently untrue.  I do not disagree that older equipment does become more expensive to maintain, but our grants budget is very tight. Please suggest they hold on for another year or two and give the money to a county with OHV opportunity that the department actually supports. Thank you for  your consideration. [Diana Mead, CORVA N. Director - 3/23/13]