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USFS - Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest

I am writing in support of the Humboldt-Toyabe application for OHV funds to be used for avalanche safety.  I use avalanche safety resources in my work as an alpine research scientist, as a search and rescue volunteer, and in my personal recreation in the mountains.  I should note that I am supporting the application as an individual and that my comments do not necessarily reflect those of my university or county.

Much of our field research takes place in late spring, while snow is still a dominant part of the mountain scene.  We often traverse areas that could be subject to spring wet slides, and additional information is important for

keeping my field crews safe.Avalanches are a major concern for the alpine search and rescue team of which I am a part, and I teach our internal avalanche trainings.  I am also an observer for our local avalanche center.  Knowledge of local avalanche conditions is important for us as we respond to calls, because we do not want to put our volunteers at risk as we enter an area for a search or rescue.  We can make our own determinations, but having professional local knowledge is far preferable.

I do a lot of backcountry skiing with family and friends, and my pre-trip checklist always includes checking the weather, maps, and local avalanche briefing.  Many areas do not have a local avy report, and I am enthusiastic about expanding coverage for this sort of information.

I strongly support this application. [Jeff G Holmquist - 3/21/13]