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USFS - Cleveland National Forest

Strong consideration should be given to fully funding Grant Request G12 -02-02-G01 (Cleveland National Forest Ground Operations – North).  The minimal amount requested constitutes less than 1% of this year’s expected grant allocation, yet directly provides for easily accessible riding opportunities for more than a sixth of all contributors to the OHV Trust Fund.

The Wildomar OHV Area is an excellent example of the benefits of the California OHV Trust Fund.  Continued maintenance of existing trails and facilities, and improvements such as the youth riding area, make this area a fine OHV recreation site, especially for young families.  Considering the increasing costs of travel, the relative close proximity (30-50 miles) of Wildomar to nearly 20% of California’s registered OHV’s, combined with the fact that any other legal general OHV area requires a drive of at least twice as far, means the  Wildomar OHV Area is often the only reasonable OHV destination for young families.

From a cost/benefit analysis perspective, funding of this grant request is a very effective use of OHV Trust Fund monies. [J. Gentile - 3/20/13]