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USFS - Sierra National Forest

I have reviewed the Sierra National Forest Grant application 2012/2013 ground operations section.

The Forest is requesting a large amount of funding for ground operations.  In the general description and the cost estimate section, the Forest has stated that work will be completed for mitigation on motorized trails, roads and areas that were designated in the Travel Management Record of Decision (ROD) to allow for more public access.  The application does not specifically identify those designated trails, roads and areas within the ROD that this grant proposal would complete.  I request the applicant clarify their application to show specifically what trails, roads, and areas, by identity number, selected and planned for mitigation work for this grant proposal. [Steve Cowdrey - 3/20/13]

Please find attached our letter of support for the Sierra National Forest 12-13 OHV Education grant. [Mike Wubbels - 3/21/13]

Please see attached comments for the USFS - Sierra National Forest Grant Application Reference # G12-02-17-G01. [Steve Egbert - 3/31/13]

Please see attached comments for the USFS - Sierra National Forest Grant Application Reference # G12-02-17-D01. [Steve Egbert - 3/31/13]

Please find attached my comments being submitted on behalf of the Clovis Independent 4 Wheelers and its membership. All of our members and supporters live in and/or recreate in the area covered by the Sierra National Forest Grant Application # G12-02-17-D01.
The project is to complete environmental analysis, purchase and install a double vault toilet at a 'Travel Management Area' called Bald Base Camp on the Sierra National Forest. This 14 acre area is a great camp spot that is centrally located to access the motorized trails on Bald Mountain, as well as the Brewer Lake and Swamp motorized trails; just over 40 miles of trail. Currently there are no restroom facilities at this location.
Clovis Independent 4 Wheels have an Adopt A Trail volunteer agreement with the Sierra National Forest. Our club volunteers over 500 man hours annually on maintaining the trail system and the Bald Mountain Base camp. We utilize through special permit the base camp for Moonlight Madness; an event of our club has been running for the last 24 years. Having a double vault toilet at Base Camp will improve sanitation and cleanliness of the area with a side benefit of improving the overall recreation experience in this managed motorized area. The direction for management activities (health and safety and resource protection) are primarily for resource protection rather than user convenience in motorized areas. Completion of this project will improve the health and safety of as it relates to human waste.
As an organization that uses Bald Mountain Base Camp for our event we will be required to have the vault toilet pumped during our event as part of our permit requirements, and we support that requirement. For these reasons Clovis Independent 4 Wheelers would like to ask that this grant be funded fully to enhance the recreational experience in this popular area.
Clovis Independent 4 Wheelers appreciates the opportunity to comment on this grant request made by the Sierra National Forest. We are eager to assist land managers and we hope these comments have been helpful in the importance of this grant to our members. [Michael McGarity - 4/1/13]

I would like to take this opportunity to support the grant proposals submitted by the Sierra National Forest and the Stewards of the Sierra National forest for O & M.
A a memeber of the BLM RAC I understand how important managment of our public lands is. It has been my pleasure to see how well the Sierra National Forest and the Stewards of the Sierra National Forest have worked together to promote responsible recreation, protect sensitive habitat, provide for water quality, and manage motorized recreation.
By funding the grant proposals from the agency and the volunteer group the state will continue to be an active partner in providing public access and promoting a highly managed sustainable network of system routes. [Steve Koretoff - 4/1/13]