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USFS - Los Padres National Forest

I have only a few comments to make on this Forests' application.  For the most part the condition of the trails system seems to have improved over the last year or two.  The MPRD has a very large system of single track trails that is challenging to maintain.

Under Ground Ops, 4. Equipment Use Expenses:

1. I believe the SLRD actually maintains two motorcycles, but only one is listed.  Also the SLRD owns and maintains a Honda tracked carrier for OHV use.

2. The fuel allowance for the SLRD rental dozer is too low.  With increased fuel prices this is likely to be over $1000.  It was at least $850 for work done in 2013 and there is still work to be done during this project period.

3. The MPRD trail dozer is nearing the end of its service life according to past operators. It is an early 1990's Sweco 450. It is likely to need major repairs/overhaul or replacement in the near future. Replacement cost would be $100,000 for a new machine.  The MPRD should make plans to address this. [Bruce Whitcher - 3/17/13]

I would like to submit the following comment on the Los Padres GO grant specific to the Santa Lucia Ranger District OHV program.
We understand that additional monitoring by the Forest biologist, including preparation of a BA/BE specifically for motorized trails,  will now be required.  This will be in addition to the HMP that is conducted on an ongoing basis but does not rise to the level of a BA/BE. 
We submit that preparation of the BA/BE would be an eligible cost under the "planning" subcategory of ground operations. The estimated cost would be in the range of $5000. This should be included as an additional project cost under ground operations. [The CCMA - 3/27/13]

I would also like to express my full support for this subject grant and request full funding for the project.  Very happy to see the partnership with the USFS and CCMA, we need more clubs to step up and partner with the USFS!!! [Phil Pulley - 3/27/13]