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USFS - Eldorado National Forest

Eldorado has applied for several trail reroute projects.  These apparently would relocate or reroute problem sections of trail that are causing maintenance problems and in some cases watershed impacts.

These projects are necessary to help ensure the sustainability of the trail system, in this case E Rock Creek, Elkins Flat, and Canyon trail projects.

The source of funding for the E Rock Creek reroutes project construction phase isn't entirely clear, although this cost is submitted as match against project expenses for the planning project.

Planning projects
The Rock Creek Decision Review Planning project seems to be necessary, but it makes one wonder about what is actually achieved by the seemingly never ending and multiple levels of costly environmental review. I suppose it is necessary to line up funding in advance, but the proposal seems incompletely developed because of the pending third biological opinion.    It seems the Forest Service is being required to "hit a moving target" which makes planning particularly difficult. Also the final level of planning that will be required is impossible to anticipate and it could end up being an EIS. Will this ever end?

The Meadow Corrective Action Planning project is necessary due to the court order.  It should be expanded to include more of the 42 routes closed, but this is a good start. [Bruce Whitcher - 3/17/13]

I would like to comment that the project can recieve a point for "Potential effects of OHV Recreation on adjacent lands." in 2A and 2B The project is to remove or correct impacts to Meadows that are or would be "adjacent" to the trail.

also on 2A and 2B the bullet "Potential effects of OHV Recreation on other recreation uses" must  be checked because "other recreation uses" is at the source of the reason for this grant.

I have the same comments for the Strawberry grant. G12-02-03-P02Q8. If the OHMVR grant process is the likely source for funding for the implementation of these projects. and the OHMVR division supports these projects, why could it not be said that funding is identified??? [Scott Johnston - 3/25/13]

I live in Loomis and recreate in the Eldorado National Forest. I was extremely disappointed when many of my favorite trails were closed last year over the meadow crossing dispute. I am anxiously awaiting the reopening of these trails. Towards that end I firmly support the ENF’s request for grant funding for the Strawberry Trail. This is a trail that I plan to recreate on when it is reopened. Thank you for your time. [Tom Gunther - 3/26/13]

I live in Loomis and recreate in the Eldorado National Forest. I was extremely disappointed when many of my favorite trails were closed last year over the meadow crossing dispute. I am anxiously awaiting the reopening of these trails especially the Deer Valley trail which is one of my favorite trails in California. Towards that end I firmly support the ENF’s request for grant funding for the Meadow Corrective Action Planning. The trails included in this grant request are trails that I plan to recreate on when they are reopened. Thank you for your time. [Tom Gunther - 3/26/13]

See attached letter. [Karen Schambach - 3/29/13]

See attached letter of Support-Public Comment for Forest Meadow Corrective Action Planning Grant [Pamela Knorr - 3/29/13]

Please see attached comments for the USFS - Eldorado National Forest Grant Application Reference # G12-02-03-P03 [Steve Egbert - 3/31/13]

The grants to local authorities within California such as the National Forest Service and Bureau of Land Mangament are extremely important to OHV recreation, in addition to the besides the SVRAs. I rarely use the SVRAs, but I do use the Forest and BLM routes in our state very frequently.

This year the Calif OHV Commission must make funding available on a contingency basis in the event the Forest Supervisor of Eldorado National Forest shall decide if certain favorite, high recreation value routes in the forest will require mitigation to comply with Forest Service Standards and Guideline 100. This is their rules that requires certain routes that are adjacent or are placed through meadow areas have minimal affect on them, in regard to hydrology. If not, the route may need to be moved around a meadow or otherwise modified.

Over a dozen routes are identified. It is not known what the final cost will be right now. But we can't have these precious routes closed for years and years!! It is simply unacceptable !!

Please provide an emergency contingency fund for this extremely important purpose for this upcoming 2013-2014 fiscal year. [Paul Enstrom - 4/1/13]

Please add 14N39 to the list of meadows in the "Meadow Corrective Action Planning" grant. (GCA-12; 53-0661521; G12-02-03-P03)

14N39 is a very popular trail that accesses Richardson Lake and the summit of Sourdough Hill.  These are both very special places in the Sierras that should remain open to the public. [Doug Barr - 4/1/13]

In general I support this grant application as the trails in the 42 routes project are very important OHV opportunities in this area.  If they are closed, there will be very few trails remaining that offer anything even close to a similar experience as these trails do. The Rubicon will become saturated with vehicle traffic and it is already on thin ice as it is.  It would not be wise to essentially force people on to the Rubicon Trail since all the other opportunities would be closed.

However, I think this grant application should be revised to take into account the user community’s perspective as to which routes should be focused on with these grant monies as opposed to the Forest Service just listing 7 routes and saying these are the ones that will be focused on.

For example Sourdough Hill/Richardson Lake trail and Barrett 4wd trail.  Maybe these trails are addressed by other applications? [Morgan DeRodeff - 4/1/13]

I am just writing to show support of this grant application if it becomes necessary based on the forest supervisor’s decision on the 42 routes SEIS to perform these studies.  The Strawberry trail is an important OHV opportunity and if performing these studies is necessary in it re-opening (or remaining open) than I feel the grant should be awarded. [Morgan DeRodeff - 4/1/13]

Please find BRC’s comments on your OHV grants. Keep up the good work. [Don Amador - 4/1/13]

District 36 Motorcycle Sports Committee, Inc. Supports the following grants as submitted, and requests serious consideration for funding at the levels requested to maintain OHV recreation opportunity within the ENF areas for legal OHV recreation. D36 requests EVERY possible effort to keep ALL trails and roads open identified from the TMP  process, and to use every tool you can to make these grants work for the public benefit.

Support: Planning Grant   #G12-02-03-PO3    
Comment: Target High Altitude Trails and Roads, and the efforts to keep them open for OHV recreation as has been the case for decades.

Support:  Ground Operations Grant  #G12-02-03-GO1 
Comment: Trail maintenance is key to long term OHV recreation opportunity, including the very FEW Permitted Special Events.

Support:    G12—02-03-DO4  As written.
Please continue to work with the District 36 clubs that call the “Eldo” home. Their volunteer spirit, has proven itself decade after decade. [David Pickett - 4/1/13]