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I am writing in support of the Klamath National Forest application for grant G12-02-06-D01 Humbug OHV staging area.   I am a long time ATV rider and have been active in assisting the Forest Service in meeting the needs of the public in regards to motorized recreation in our county. The citizens of this area need to see that our state OHV funds are resulting in motorized access to its public lands. The following are examples of what these funds will support:

The National Forests are trying to meet the requirements of Congress in regulating off highway vehicle use on all public lands. To meet these needs of the public the Forest Service needs our states support financially to design and develop OHV areas and  trails. Our riding public pays for motorized access through our state OHV registration program.

The Klamath National Forest has cooperated greatly in our area to designate roads and trails it allows us to ride on. The OHV program needs to be a visible feature with clearly identified routes and access points.

One of the first designated riding areas in Siskiyou County is in the area known as Humbug Creek. A well designed staging area will help to provide safe and accessible entry point on our public lands. I am a member of SCORR (Siskiyou County Off Road Riders). SCORR has worked closely with the Klamath to help identify our needs in this area.

I have reviewed the proposed Forest Service plan for developing a staging area in Humbug to meet the increasing demands of the riding public. I think their plan for this staging area meets the needs for our growing sport. OHV recreation can and will help our county draw riders to our county and help stimulate its economy.

This grant helps address the needs of family oriented recreation. This grant is crucial in building a place where families can safely bring their children. The proposed Humbug Staging Area design calls for a children's riding area, restroom facilities and parking. This staging area will help us in future planing to expand public access to public lands.

SCORR is in the process of developing a partnership with the Forest Service in the development of this staging area by providing assistance in its construction which will lower the cost to the public. Cooperation such as this will help give riders ownership in their future. Please give this grant your support in meeting the needs of our states riding public. Thanks you for your service to the OHV community. [David Shaw - 3/9/13]

See attached comment letter. [Eileen K. Maier - 3/21/13]

Grant Application G12-02-06-D01,  Humbug OHV Staging Area DevelopmentI’m writing to express my support of the above grant application.  As an active senior citizen ATV  rider  and a member of SCORR, Siskiyou Off Road Riders,  I recognize the great need for a safe well designed OHV staging area to enhance the rider experience and access to this area.  Our club is very active and interested in family orientated riding opportunities and have engaged the Klamath National Forest administration in a corporative manner to help improve riding experiences and opportunities in our area.  We’re presently focusing on a co-operative work agreement to allow us to provide in kind services to help plan, build and maintain trails systems within our area.  We see the need and want to be part of the solution. 

Your positive consideration of the above grant application would be appreciated. [Larry Castle - 3/31/13]