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Ridgecrest Police Department

I would like to comment on the Ridgecrest Police Department's (Fed ID 76-0499512) GCA-12 grant application.  I totally disagree with their request for any grant funds.  There are no OHV recreational opportunities within the city of Ridgecrest.  Once a year as stated in their application they do host a Grand Prix which is in direct violation of city ordinances.  Yet they are asking for grant money to enforce city OHV ordinances, not the purpose of this grant.  The RPD is unable to enforce city ordinances with the vehicles they already have.  There are no roads within the city limits they can not reach with their current vehicles, including motorcycles.

Item 3 of the application states the RPD will agree to conduct one six hour patrol every month.  Other local law enforcement organizations conduct patrols of OHV opportunities outside the city limits every day.  The OHV recreational opportunities in the Ridgecrest area fall under the jurisdiction of the BLM - Ridgecrest Field Office first, followed by both the San Bernardino and Kern County sheriffs, not the city of Ridgecrest.

I am a resident of Ridgecrest and not affiliated in any way with any of the agencies mentioned.  I disagree with taxpayer grant money being given to an agency that doesn't have a real need for it.  The RPD can't seem to deal with the prevalent illegal use of OHVs within their own city despite the fact they current own the equipment needed for enforcement, but given more money and equipment they will enforce OHV laws outside the city limits six hours a month?  The other agencies mentioned have a real need for this grant money, and actually provide OHV recreational opportunities for taxpayers, not the City of Ridgecrest.

Thank you for considering my comments regarding this application. [Dave O. - 3/7/13]

G12-03-46-L01 - Well thought out and reasonable. I have not made acquaintance with this department. Although their focus is on patrol, not education, they have clearly identified the challenging event weekends and the needs of the OHV community. [Diana Mead, CORVA N. Director - 3/30/13]