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BLM - El Centro Field Office

I support the California OHV grant request for the operations and maintenance grant proposed by the BLM El Centro field office (ECFO) for the Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area (ISDRA).
This grant will continue the outstanding work of the ECFO maintenance personnel in the maintenance of the vault toilets that are at the ISDRA. The ECFO has reduced the overall cost of vault toilet maintenance and at the same time has increased the cleanliness of these facilities.  As there are many campers that utilize the ISDRA that don't have sanitary facilities with them the requirement for these toilets reduces the threat to the environment from waste and unsanitary conditions. This is a very important aspect of this overall O&M grant request.
The trash operation is also contributing to a cleaner area which helps keep the dunes safer and reduces the  impact on the environment from trash. The BLM advocates the "pack it in, pack it out" philosophy but there will always be a few visitors that don't follow this thinking so the availability of trash service is necessary to help keep a clean environment.
The other major aspect of this O&M grant request is the continuing maintenance of the roadways and camping areas in the ISDRA. As this is in a sand dune area the effects of windblown sand can degrade the road and camping areas and continual maintenance is required to keep these areas open and available for the recreation of the California OHV users.  Most of these roads and campgrounds were constructed with California OHV grant funds and thus the OHV community sees the need for OHV grant funds to continue the maintenance of these roadways and campgrounds. It only makes sense for California State Parks to preserve the original OHV fund investment in these roads and camping areas with some grant funds for the maintenance of these facilities .
I therefore support the full funding of the BLM ECFO ISDRA O&M grant.
Thank you for a well prepared grant request. [Richard Holliday - 3/6/13]

On behalf of the American Sand Association, please accept this letter of support for your Grants and Cooperative Agreements application through State Parks and Recreation OHMVR Division. request through the OHMVR Grants and Cooperative Agreement Application. [Nicole Nicholas Gilles, Executive Director, American Sand Association - 3/26/13]

On behalf of the United Desert Gateway, I would like to submit the attached comment letter regarding the El Centro Field Offices California Parks - OHV Division grant application. [Charla Teeters-Stewart - 3/28/13]