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Yucca Valley Police Department

See attached Support Letter[Doug Parham, President, WSBCLA - 3/6/13]

We are a grass roots organization of residents and businesses in the Morongo Basin deeply concerned about the widespread trespass and damage to private property and public lands in the high desert areas within the jurisdiction of the Yucca Valley Police Department.  Our communities suffer from unmanaged, uncontrolled and illegal ORV activity that destroys private property, roads, berms, flood control infrastructure, wilderness areas, and public lands off limits to ORVs.  Designated routes become de facto open areas where these vehicles have denuded the landscape of vegetation.  Riders commit these crimes with impunity since the area law enforcement is underfunded and understaffed, and since the ORVs are not required to display any kind of visible identification, it is next to impossible to identify them for law enforcement.

We want to express our enthusiastic support for funding for the Yucca Valley Police Department including the excellent work by the County Sheriff's ORV Team under the direction of Sergeant Jason Radeleff.  Sgt. Radeleff has met with the community to obtain their input about problem areas and repeat offenders, produced effective public service announcements for major holiday weekends, deployed electronic message boards in high trafficked areas, sought information and conducted targeted enforcement in problem areas, supports large format informational kiosks and works cooperatively with other law enforcement agencies including the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and County Code Enforcement.

The Yucca Valley Police Department is in dire need of support and has suffered from diminishing funds through the years.  We can attest that they use every dollar they receive in an effective manner and are deserving of more.  In fact, we believe that their approach to ORV enforcement should be a model for the state.

We need more law enforcement on the ground, educational campaigns, public service announcements, higher fines and the confiscation of vehicles of repeat offenders.  With the current schedule of low fines, many riders consider any fines they have to pay as part of their ticket to ride anywhere they wish.  The Town of Yucca Valley Police department has to contend with the spill over of illegal ORV activity from huge gatherings of ORVs such as the King of Hammers and the impact from holiday weekends at the Johnson Valley ORV areas. 

With limited assistance from the BLM, the Town of Yucca Valley Police department is virtually on their own to deal with the problems associated with illegal ORV activity in the communities surrounding the State Vehicular Recreation Areas.  This fact should be factored into their grant allotment.

It is important to note that Sgt. Radeleff and his dedicated team of law enforcement officers work cooperatively with the community and other law enforcement agencies and is sensitive to the needs of different constituencies as they balance responsible recreation with the rights of area residents.  [Philip M. Klasky, Victoria Fuller, Terry Weiner, Brahm Elmendorp - Community ORV Watch - 3/6/13]

See attached comment letter. [Doug Parham, President, WSBCLA - 3/6/13]

See attached comment letter. [Mesonika Piecuch, ORV Watch Kern County - 3/11/13]