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USFS - Tahoe / Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit NF Patrol District

This will serve as comment on both grants - Patrol District for the Tahoe National Forest, and the Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit.

The Tahoe National Forest has a very active OHV program with a lot of participation from local OHV groups and clubs. For the most part, the forest has been supportive of OHV enthusiasts, but since Travel Management there have been complaints regarding over-enthusiastic enforcement by officers, particularly of closures to green-sticker vehicles for roads in and around rural communities, specifically in Sierra County.

The Lake Tahoe Basin has a very active recreation program including a dedicated OSV program that has dedicated itself this year to keeping OSV programs active and viable in the basin by increasing educational awareness of enthusiasts. The Management Unit is to be commended for their proactive behavior in regards to the OSV program.

For the amount of recreation involved in both the Tahoe National Forest an Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit, the grant amounts requested seem reasonable and  expected. I support these grant requests with the admonition that the Tahoe National Forest look at some of the routes closed in Travel Management, and look at reopening some local routes to green-sticker routes where these routes extend to local, rural communities, particularly in Sierra County. Mixed use helps communities and local economies, and there is no empirical evidence that mixed use previous to Travel Management posed an danger to those enjoying street legal or non-street legal vehicles. [Amy Granat, Managing Director, CORVA - 4/2/12]