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USFS - Inyo / San Bernardino NF Patrol District

Please accept the following as comments on the 2012 Law Enforcement Grant from the Inyo National Forest.

As a general comment, the grant narrative should be updated to reflect that the Inyo National Forest has completed their Forest-specific Travel Management Process and no longer contains 1700 miles of unauthorized route, but rather 2,362 miles of legally-designated routes for motor vehicle use. This achievement - a real, designated system - provides the framework for managing and sustaining motorized recreation and access on the Inyo National Forest. A main issue of concern for law enforcement has been and will be enforcement and public education of this newly designated network.

In addition to focusing on enforcement and public education of the newly designated road system, I believe the Forest should continue it's winter program of random overflights of designated Wilderness and other closed areas. While these overflights are expenseive, thier very presence (real or implied) has proved to be an effective deturrant to winter snowmobile tresspass. Inyo National Forest staff should consider conducting at least one unannounced overflight per season to maintain this deturrant.

INF LEO and FPO staff have a long history of quality work protecting the land and serving serving the public and deserve funding to continue their much needed partol work. [Paul McFarland - 4/2/12]