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Yolo County Sheriff's Office

It is noted in the grant that Yolo County supports OHV activity where those activities are lawful. Unfortunately, there are few, if any, legal activity areas open for OHV enthusiasts. If Yolo County would expend some efforts to create legal opportunities for riders, it would provide an outlet for those that have no other place to turn tan to ride on private property.

As an OHV advocate who lives in Yolo County, it is clear to me that those with the loudest voices are dictating the policies followed by the Sheriff's Department. Instead of criticism, the Sheriff's Department needs to engage in educational methods, and find legal opportunities to ride, and provide educational materials to local schools, perhaps from Tread Lightly.

As written in the grant request, much of the area in Yolo County is rural, and people who live in rural areas have off-road vehicles. Providing those residents much needed opportunities should be a high priority. [Amy Granat, Managing Director, CORVA - 4/2/12]