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USFS - Shasta-Trinity National Forest

On behalf of the Redding Dirt Riders, I wish to comment on preliminary grant applications submitted. Specifically, the following two entities and the following specific grant requests:

BLM Redding:
1. G11-01-14A01
2. G11-01-14G01
3. G11-01-14L01

USFS – Shasta Trinity National Forest
1. G11-02-16-G01
2. G11-02-16-S01

The Redding Dirt Riders pay green sticker fees, sponsor OHV related events and recreate in our area and other areas throughout California. We are very frustrated seeing these fees “borrowed” by government entities with no clear planned or perceived payback schedule. We feel the monies we spend on green sticker fees should be used for their intended purpose and the mission of the Redding Dirt Riders: “To promote and further OHV opportunities.”

We feel strongly that the above grant funds, if awarded, will be of great and direct benefit to OHV opportunities in the Northern California area. We fully support the above grant applications as written and appreciate the efforts of the requestors. [Karl Hankins, President, Redding Dirt Rider - 4/2/12]