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City of Tulare Recreation Parks & Library Department

Operations grant for operation and maintenance money is interesting to me. This is because the track is run as a business, $20 to ride. I first wonder if bikes coming in the gate are checked for green or red stickers, as this is where grant money comes from. I suspect not and that would be a problem for getting grant funding. I personally love motocross and truly hope Tulare can continue to operate into the distant future, but I am less than sure that getting OHV grant money is the correct way to fund this facility.  If O and M moeney is available after the open and limited use areas get what they need, I hope Tulare can get some money. [Ed Stovin, CORVA - 4/1/12]

G 11-03-04-G 02   Ground Operations   
This city has a history with OHV starting in 1975 with a $88.500 dollar grant from OHV funds to develop the 20 Acre site.   It has asked for O & M up to 1999 for which the OHV division has records totalling $294,002 dollars, in the next 12 years we have to assume like amount was asked for.
What this grant does not do is tell us what are the fees if any to come into the park, What concession are available, What is the total income and expense to run this park.   It just asks for money, everyone wants to do that, but what is the program cost to run this park?
It is nice to city the City use their own staff as match,
Qty 1  for $4800  exactly what are we getting, how many lights, how much each light how often, no enough to analyze the portable lights same things 1 for $21,600  
Repair of equipment, 1 $16000, this is very steep for a small parcel. How often is the equipment even get on the site, what are the logs showing actual city equipment on the site?
Equipment Use Expenses  
Light rental again now 1 for $4,125  what is the brake down.  
Fuel $15,000 that is a lot of fuel for this small parcel 
Other, Portable light rental $1500
Indirect Cost: 
Again Electric service $6,000  are the light on 24/7 and if there is electric, why are you renting lights
I support this grant but it has to come down and be more realistic with 4 miles of trail, and 20 acre open riding.  There is no schedule how often park is even open and as I said before what is the total cost to run the park.? [Ed Waldheim - 3/31/12]