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G 11-04-23-R 01  Restoration 
Project management  Qty  2, Rate $34,3011  Grant  $68,602   Now again, as in other grants Qty is supposed to be hours,  Rate is supposed to be hourly Rate, and Grant should be hours times rate of pay for total cost.   This being a 3 years grant something's does not match up.
We should know hours being put into project management and Rate of pay, Then properly account for a 3 year project.

Project Leader, 2 at $23,598 for $47.196, same issue as above, but biggest problem is now you have 2 staff persons working on the ground ? .  Only one is allowed, the projected manager running the crew. Anything else is should be match, This is not correctly done.

Crew members, 12   Rate 5.760  Grant 69,120, Exactly what do we have here. There is no way the public and figure out exactly what you are doing.   Again, give us the hours per crew, rate per crew member, and total grant. 

Crew members hours, same as above, these number make no sense and there is no way anyone can figure out exactly what you are doing. You are asking for a pot of money with blindly expecting us to just accept your numbers.  Sorry, it does not work that way.  
Materials Supplies.   
math has to be done better,  how many folks in a team,  times days they work, times the cost of food per day for rate per person $7   for total for 3 years. Frankly I would fell better if you would absorb the cost of this in your hourly rate of each employee. Saying we pay for food, is not really what needs to be in an OHV grant. Pay should include taxes, unemployed etc, for a gross hourly rate.  
now we have a 3rd  manager,  We have  Project Manager, Project leader, and now Crew leaders and provide $19,100 in what?   Are you paying per mile, are you reimbursing fuel and repairs? how did you get to that number?
Insurance, again this does not belong here, it belongs in the burden rate of each employee, In other words nobody else can do what you do brake down all these employees cost into separate accounts. You need to put all the cost of the employee into an hourly  ate. That is what every company does. This does not belong in this grant, it belongs in the wages of the employee hourly rate. 
Other Training.
Amazing $18,600   Your association is a company for business, that should be a burden you absorb. You pprovide  students  a job and charge an hourly rate for them. Your cost again should all be absorbed in those wages.   Right now you low wages make it looks like you are a good deal, but in fact this is a very expensive endeavor if you put all your itemized cost into the hourly expenses.
In closing, my issue is not with the employees doing the work, it is with your system of asking OHV Grant to pay for all these itemized items that are really employee expenses,and should be amortized in the hourly rate, that way we can verify what is the best way to get restoration done, and by whom. [Ed Waldheim - 4/1/12]