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City of Hesperia Police Department

City of Hesperia Police Department Law Enforcement. $118k    The City of Hesperia Law Enforcement Grant seeks money to patrol for illegal off-road vehicle use within the city limits.  While I feel for the city and its OHV problem, these grants are to support legal OHV activity.  Right in the grant request it is mentioned that OHV use is prohibited within the city limits.  So no OHV opportunity, there should be no grant money.  The state should fund grant requests that support open OHV areas before they support an agency or city with no opportunity.  I feel for the city and its OHV problem. [Ed Stovin, CORVA - 4/1/12]

G 11-03-58-L 01   Law Enforcement 
This grant is amazing for a city that does not provide any OHV opportunities except on a track. Since the city does not allow riding in its boundaries and has 273 motorcycle calls, gives you an idea that this is a city issue, a law enforcement issue that was created not by the users who have been living there for years, but by government now banning the average person to recreate. That definitely is the cities right to do, but what is not right that the OHV program has to pay for something the City did. 
You would be better off doing an education program and letting your 86,000 citizens know through utility bills, city bill board, or news letter of what the rules are for OHV.  
To want to purchase  equipment lap tops, trucks is really over the top when you have a city that is healthy.
I do not support this grant for the simple reason that it takes very few dollars available for cities and Counties law enforcement officers that really need it because they provide OHV opportunities.  
Buying a truck will never catch a rider. You need to work the neighborhood and know your citizens and catch them at home and if needed  issue tickets there. An officer on a chase of an off roader is dangerous to all convened, and not safe in the first place. [Ed Waldheim - 3/30/12]