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OHV Title

Fresno County Sheriff's Office

The funds from this project will be for funding Deputy Sheriff's for proactive OHV related patrols and educational awareness. This staffing will allow Fresno County to keep up with the growing demands for deployment in both eastern and western Fresno County public lands.

Comment: I appreciate that the department sought competitive pricing for the dirt bikes they  want to purchase. Perhaps I am not understanding the funding match, but I would like to see resale of the used equipment going into matching funds. There is a strong resale market for used bikes.

Otherwise, recommend funding. This department does support the Forests and assists private land owner restrict illegal OHV use. Suggest should funding come through, that Department be clear with private land owners that OHV funds were used to enable the Sherriff’s department to educate and mitigate illegal OHV activities. [Diana Mead, CORVA, Asst to N. Director, Grants - 4/1/12]

Fresno County Sheriff's Office Law Enforcement  This grant leaves me with a few question I would like answered.  The grant mentions 2000 miles of OHV roads.  How many of these miles are controlled by Fresno County?  If little or none are by the county, it is hard to justify giving much grant money.  The grant specifies the Sierra and Sequoia National Forests both of which have many miles of trails.  These two agencies both have applied for grants to patrol their trails.  If Fresno County offers no county OHV trails, then they should go to the back of the line for State money.  If they do offer opportunity, they should say so in the grant.   The KTMs are great bikes and are priced fairly. [Ed Stovin, CORVA - 4/1/12]