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Imperial County Sheriff's Office

Please see attached letter of support for the Imperial County Sheriff’s Office Grants and Cooperative Agreements Application.  [Nicole Nicholas Gilles, Executive Director, American Sand Association - 4/2/12]

Imperial County Sheriff's Office Law Enforcement grant, while very expensive, covers a group of intensely used open areas as well as many miles of limited use trails.  This grant is important to keep safety and peace.  I wonder why Lark canyon is not mentioned, while Truckhaven is.  The Truckhaven parsel is pretty small.  Perhaps the Sheriff's dept might want to investigate  making an MOU with State parks to allow them to look after this parsel similar to what they did with the land east of Poleline Road with Ocotillo Wells.  That would free up patrols to keep an eye on Lark Canyon and their other areas.

Their Safety and Education grant looks very good, with a low cost and a large match, should be funded as much as possible. [Ed Stovin, CORVA - 4/1/12]