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Los Angeles Police Department / Valley Traffic Division, Off Road Unit

Los Angeles Police Department / Valley Traffic Division, Off Road Unit Law Enforcement grant.  What is this 450 hours sergeants overtime pay?  This is an example of an agency that offers no OHV opportunity looking for funding.  That is, the city of Los Angeles has no OHV trails or open areas.  While I feel for them and their problems with illegal OHV use, these grants should first go to LE agencies that offer OHV opportunity, then any extra money go to cities and counties without opportunity. [Ed Stovin, CORVA - 4/1/12]

G 11-03-66-L 01  Law Enforcement
It is very interesting how agencies can apply for funding from OHV program, yet their same agencies constantly deny any OHV opportunities in their jurisdiction.  We have tried for years to get a piece of land, even a garbage dump, yet City council members become like poison in their redirect against our sport. 
Why is that?  Ignorance of what their citizens want and they expect the rest of counties to take care of their citizens needs?  Why do they provide every possible recreational opportunity in their borders, yet OHV is shunned by these folks
It is with that in mind that I can not support this grant for $149,365 because it takes away from other law enforcement agencies that do provide OHV opportunities.
Another reason is that there has been zero dialog between this department and OHV users except one time, and one time only they came to find out what we were about and how to get money. After that they have not shown their face.
Another reason is that the use of equipment to patrol is not properly being used. I don't care if you are law enforcement of citizen, if the area is for non motorized that does not give law enforcement officers the right to use their motorized vehicles to patrol areas in the non motorized areas. That is why  you have horses for or legs for.  What I am saying here is that we now get complaints that the officers are patrolling non motorized areas and becoming the problem, not the OHV public.  This is not right. 
I do not support this grant. [Ed Waldheim - 3/31/12]